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Can anyone help me make the retextures from this mod work with the mini vamps armor.


I first install the mini vamps mod then the retextures but in-game the vampire royal armor has this long skirt that is all black halfway down. The skirt is supposed to be short but I kinda like the partially long skirt with no pants version. Now how can I make the retextures cover all the skirt is my question. I tried messing around with the mesh in nifskope but to no avail. The stripify feature was close though. It seems that the mini vamps author has this transparency thing on the mesh or textures?? 


*Sorry for no pics, but if anyone is willing to download the mods and help me out I'd be grateful.

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It's called NiAlphaProperty which is what is used on a item in a nif that has transparency to make something disappear/become transparent. If you click a item in a nif then look under the highlighted line in the left list for NiAlphaProperty right click the line and go to block - remove branch. Make sure to backup the nifs before doing anything. You will have to remove the NiAlphaProperty for the skirt in both _1 and _0 files because what you do to one nif has to be done to the other one as well or with will not change in game. 

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