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Why are there no sexy HDT/BBP heavy armor mods?


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I've been searching for a very long time. I have three (maybe four) mods installed that are actually heavy armor, are feminine/sexy, and have physics enabled. 

I'd even settle for non-physics enabled sexy female armors right now.

I have the entire TERA set, Sovngarde Steel, Dragonbone Barbarian, Lich King armor, and one more that I can't remember the name of right now. All of the other custom heavy armor sets are not attractive, and most are made for male characters. If anyone knows of any really good ones, I'd appreciate it if you could give me the names and/or a link to them. I just started a new female character, and right now her armor choices are going to suck for the rest of the game if I can't find something new to install.

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With that many dots, I can only assume that you don't actually think it was a nice topic. Instead of being vague and unhelpful, how about you elaborate and tell me what's wrong with it? If I have broken a site rule, please let me know. As you can see, I am relatively new to posting here.

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If you are referring to jiggly body parts manifested in armors, people who make really good armors understand that you cannot see jiggly body parts behind all the heavy plates.  Why make an armor "heavy" and then make it skimpy?


If you are referring to dangling/colliding plate parts, they are very difficult to make and the physics look like crap.  This is why HDT-PE's author HydrogensaysHDT decided to develop HDT-SMP instead.


If you are referring to skimpy armors "heavy" in the sense of defense ratings, you can do that very easily yourself with any outfit.


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I was mostly just referring to skimpy heavy (plate) armors. If they're skimpy, they're not going to be very plate-ey (is that a word?), but the bouncing isn't the most important part. I don't really care about the physics part. 

Look at the mods I listed in my original post. They're heavy armors, but are also cute and/or skimpy.

I saw someone mention that you can turn any outfit you like into a set of heavy armor. How is that possible?

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As I've said twice, now, BBP is not required. Sure, I enjoy it, but all I'm really looking for are sexy armor mods that are also heavy armor.

Thanks a bunch for that link to the Dragon Knight armor. I like the look of it.

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I already have all the vanilla armors replaced with UNP or UNPB versions that are skimpier, but I appreciate that :)
I was referring to custom armor sets that look unique, not the vanilla heavy armors.

I just browsed through the entire unpb section on the Nexus and downloaded every single custom heavy armor mod on there. Haha.

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