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If there's one thing i would like to impart on modders: List version numbers in your thread title, not release dates.



v1.3 is higher than v1.2, always, so if i see that and i know i have v1.2 installed, then i know there's a new version out.



If i see "2/4/15" in the title though, then what does that mean?


Well that depends entirely on the nationality of the mod-author. It could either be the second of April 2015, or the fourth of February 2015, and i have no clue which one it is unless i happen to know the author of the mod and where they come from.


Or, if you gotta do dates, maybe try something like "2/Apr/15" or "4/Feb/15", as atleast that way we know which way around it is.



Just an asside.. ;)

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