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New to Oblivion Mods


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Hi, I just bought Oblivion and have no idea where to start. I'd like to know what most consider the essential mods needed to play a decent looking game with a minimum of bugs. I already have the unofficial patches and have tried Roberts Body, I liked the way it was quite thin. Anything else people always use as a must have?

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There are quite a few threads in the general section that has many suggestions. It is usually suggested that you play the game at least 1 time and beat it without mods then when you start modding it you will know what you what to change/replace.


If you have all the DLC's you have lots of bugs already all the DLC's except for the shivering isle DLC are dirty and need to be cleaned with TES4EDIT.


Do *not* use LOOT for oblivion for load order use BOSS instead.


It is best to install mods through OBMM (oblivion mod manger) instead of NMM.


If you want a body mod there is the set body reloaded here on LL by Gerra6 and Movomo that contains almost all oblivion bodies in it and you just use a spell to change the players body size.


The link below also check out fejeena's yellow link in their signature it contains a lot of helpful info.



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