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Lone Wolf Radio *WIP*


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I had an idea some time ago for a blues rock, country, classic rock station where the songs had a very drifter-esque flavor, something perhaps a courier who prefers to go it alone may consider listening to as they trek across the lonely, sweltering desert. I felt that the name of the location of "Lone Wolf Radio" was just simply perfect for such a station, and even gives me the opportunity to give this radio station it's own little backstory.


I'm aiming to use as many live performances as possible, I think that will offer a little extra life to the world in sound. I am also going to work on a DJ for the station to comment on the happenings across the wasteland. If I manage to kidnap someone who knows scripting well enough. Gotta stay informed somehow, right? One can only tolerate Mr. New Vegas for so long.


And if I can get permission to use outfits I've been tweaking on I'll also be adding some custom outfits to go along with the radio. Providing that I can also work the slight bugs out of these outfits.


Currently I am assembling a playlist and as of right now I have 26 songs in mind for the station and would like to add more.


A quick taste of what to expect from the playlist






Update: 4/5/2015


I'm about to start writing up dialogue for the DJ. Even though I'm a long-time player of Fallout New Vegas, I've not listened to too much radio; so I'm not all that familiar with various events the DJ talks about. If someone would be so kind to provide me with details of the various actions the player can do that results in a headline on the radio; I would be appreciative.


Update: 4/11/2015


Playlist has been completed, writing for the show's scripts have begun.

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I remember a radio introduced by a mod of Puce Moose in FO3. The choice of the songs was wonderful and they were perfectly harmonious with vanilla kind of songs. I stayed tuned on that radio for a long time. A good list of songs + if you can manage to find some dj making announcements in the middle, and the mod will be absolutely wondrous.

Only downside is finding a good compromise between permission with the songs or an easy alternative way for the users to find the songs on their own and put them in the right place with the right file name, which would mean hard times to install it

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Well, the aim for this radio isn't to find a good mix of songs that have the same vibe, but not neccessarily in tune with vanilla tracks. Listening to that era alone gets a little old and samey after a while.


I'd like to make it easy for the users to install... I'm trying not to rely on studio performances, or live albums as much as possible in hope of finding a good compromise. Plus, possibly packing everything in a BSA...

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I don't know exactly what you mean... Do you mean elements completed by player that Mr. New Vegas comments on?

  1. Doc Mitchell helping player
  2. Nelson taken by NCR
  3. Camp Forlorn Hope Destroyed by legion
  4. Rockets being launched by Reppconn ghouls
  5. Quarry Junction Cleared of death claws
  6. Mr. House Dead
  7. Caesar Dead
  8. Kimball Dead
  9. Primm saved by player
  10. Powder Gangers taking over Goodsprings(I think)
  11. Legion Assassination attempt failed
  12. Khans leaving Mojave 


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I can't wait to get it out there, and I hope yall like it. But the process is a bit slow going on my end... I aim to have 40 songs for the station, but I'm currently sitting at 28 with two more in que to be added with more research to fill the remaining slots. It is surprisingly difficult to come up with a list of songs that fit the bill for what I'm looking for...


I'm debating on what kind of personality I want to try and portray as a DJ.

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lol As awesome as that would be, I don't have the skills to pull off a Woody Harrelson style character... I have absolutely no acting abilities! XD


But, I'm going some initial dialogue with some friends and we've already come up with a fantastically hilarious skit!

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You could ask your friends what's the kind of speech you are better, and then stick with it. I'm sure it will be fine whatever it is. Is when we try doing something we're not good at, that it starts sounding so unnatural and forced


My suggestion if you're still stuck on the playlist. However not sure if it will suit the genre, feel free to simply ignore it

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Well, I can do fair enough Dirty Harry / Duke Nukem and Khajiit impressions, but I'm not nearly good enough to hold entire conversations like that. But there hasn't been any real dialogue written yet, we've brainstormed a few things and made some notes so far. Once we've got some quantity of content I can probably just start playing around with it and see what sticks.


But we have hammered out an early callout. "Den to the Homeless, Preacher to the Souless. This is Lone-Wolf Radio"


And I'm always open for suggestions to add to the playlist.

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Still writing out dialogue for the station, it's a bit slow going as I write when inspiration hits. However, most of the "unique" dialogue has been written and I'm currently working on the news reports. I am also hoping to create a "Wacky Wasteland" version for those who take that perk and add a little bit of humor to the station, some of the dialogue has been written out for that as well.


And lastly I've also given the station's DJ a name and personality!



Your "Megalomega" of the airwaves!

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