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HDT not working when npcs are naked


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If you mean collisions between hands and breasts, you need to equip the NPC with HDT Havok Object (there is another way editing the body meshes in "nifskope" but I dont recoment it), physics should work without Havok Object always.


You also need a tbbp/bbp/HDT weighted body and also the right skeleton like the last XPMSE. Usually every armor comes with a body, lets say this body is correctly weighted to HDT and the armor is weighted to this body, so both body and armor have physics, if the body of the NPC dont support HDT/TBBP/BBP and you unequip his armor, you will end with no physics at all.


Another problem could be the .xml, if you have a bone in this .xml not present in your skeleton you wont have any physic at all. Old .xml's dont support the last XPMSE skeletons.


Also, you could have some custom NPCs with its own folder containing their own skeleton and body, you must replace them with the correct skeleton/body.

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remove the  file  named    Skeleton_female.hkx    .... works for me :idea:


Will doing this fix the "stretching to infinity", "fluttering vag", and disappearing followers?


......I will try it. I hope this fixes the afore-mentioned problems, because I'm close to chucking HDT out a window!!



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remove the  file  named    Skeleton_female.hkx    .... works for me :idea:

1. if you remove that file from XPMSE2 and your HDT works for the breasts, you installed the BBP one, and should be publically shamed for not reading the description in the installer, ignoring that FNIS says "XPMSE BBP" and complaining.


2. If your HDT entirely not work, removing that hkx helps 0.0%, nothing, entirly nothing, because that file is for HAVOKS ANIMATION SYSTEM, HDT works on nodes in the NIF and so, it doesn't matter what HAVOK sees in its ANIMATION SYSTEM, that is working with animation .hkx files and not with .XMLs! HDT interacts with bones in the nif, not with animatable bones referenced in the hkx. It doesn't fucking matter if you have the "XPMSE2 HDT" hkx or the vanilla one because they both don't include breast bones, for the ten thousands time.


3. If you don't understand what the files do, don't give advise to people.

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