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Decapitation CTD or how to fix Nioverride.dll


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So after getting the infamous decapitation bug because of Nioverride, i simply deleted it. However a message that keeps coming tell me that it screws up BWA ( Blush When Aroused).


With some research a guy said that this edit worked :


in nioverride.ini you can change:











Is this true ? Do you guys know how can I play with working decapitations on females and Nioverride working?



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of all the CTD's that happen to me in skyrim...

nothing annoys me as much then a crash to desktop as i kill the final enemy.....its just like the games giving you a bit fat middle finger with one hand and flicking a switch with the other...

oh you won that combat and are going to finish off the last enemy with style?
i don't faking thing so mate. 

but yeah i can safely chop heads of enemys know with that fix so thanks alot! :D 

now onto the next funny problem. :P

you can ignore it pretty sure it was a one off thing...

I had 390 max health 314 armor full set of falmer armor 60 in heavy armor with all the perks of its level

enemy bandit leader fjola of Mistwatch hits me for 110 damage with an eleven dagger (flawless) 34 damage
her one handed was 60 probly had the perks up to that level.....

but WTF....i don't even have mods on that alter bandit damages.....

5 seconds later

Extra Damage is an NPC-only perk used by many leveled NPCs in Skyrim. There are multiple versions of the perk under the same name, although they all have the same effect — actor with the perk will inflict more physical

so thats why she could hit a heavy armored ""ME"" for 110 damage with a flipping dagger... =.=

GG bethesda I love your games but .....you always make boss fights 1 of 2 ways.......you ether annihilate them.....or they utterly wreck you.


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Weird it seems to have nioverride.ini seems to have reverted back to its old self somehow.

going to delete the nioverride.dll see how it runs then.
don't care much for extra tattoos on people faces if i can't hack them off.

I felt so bad when i laughed so hard after hacking a dudes head clean off with steel dagger for the first time.
I used nothing but maces up to level 90 one-handed so there was never any decaps.

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I will mention for the record that as far as I know, I had solved the decapitation CTD problem in BWA (by method of detecting an imminent decapitation and disabling all face overlays on the target actor).  I don't have a way of booting into Skyrim at this time but this may have been something you had to specifically enable in the menu.


While Expired had mentioned having fixed the decapitation CTD issue, in actual practice I determined that one of two things happens: Either it still crashes, or the actor's entire head mesh (not including the eyes and teeth) disappears.  Which one occurs seems to depend upon the nature of the decapitation.  In any event, although it was difficult to test, I believe my solution worked.


Note: I do not recall trying to implement this solution for NPCs decapitating other NPCs, so that remains a potential issue, though probably not an especially common one.


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That bug is old, fixed and does not matter anymore with 3.2.2.



No, the nioverride crash that involves decapitated NPC bodies is still there, unfortunately.


Had to remove nioverride plugin (v3.2.2) recently, cause it kept causing CTDs as I approached a cell with a decapitated body in it. The SKSE minidump file gave it away by the way.


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