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Spikey Breast/Spikey Belly during Sex.


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are you using CBBE? last time that happen to me when i use CBBE. I changed to different UNP body and works nicel.y.


It does work with UNP........ but honestly, i'm not a fan of UNP, so i'm just gonna quit using HDT.


I'd rather have a world of cbbe and no HDT than a world of UNP and HDT.



Thanks for the help though.

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That character isn't using an XPMSE2 or XPMS or any BBP compatible skeleton, that is something you can tell your grandma maybe. The breast, belly and butt nodes have no connection to the spine/pelvis and thus don't getting moved when the spine/pelvis moves, meaning they are getting injected by HDT PE.


You probably set Realistic Ragdoll and Force to override your XPMSE2 skeleton or whatever in MO, or plain overwrote it in NMM.


Seriously I miss the times when people got a CTD for doing such non-sense.



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