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SexLab dialogue mods: known conflicts?


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My question isn't based on anything definitive that I've figured out.  This is just a suspicion and I wanted to ask other's experiences.


After a couple of weeks of reinstalling, testing and slowly adding more mods I think I've finally gotten to my best Skyrim/Sexlab build ever.  I still have a few minor issues (like going into a T-pose momentarily whenever running downhill) but nothing game-stopping.


Now I'm seeing an old bug that I had back when I was first installing SexLab in a big rush without testing or using MO.  I began the Animal Mansion quests, got bored and Fast Traveled over to Riften where I began the Thieves' guild quest.  When I try to talk to Keerava in the Bee and Barb, she lapses into the "That's incredible! I've never seen anything like that!" dialogue that has no other options.  (I haven't done a thing in that tavern to warrant her enthusiasm, either!). 


I've seen this before, back when I first started trying to get SexLab to work.  But now, I have it working almost perfectly and this little bug shows up.


My SexLab mods, auto-arranged by MO and LOOT:






Schlongs of Skyrim Core.esm




SOS VictorPlexus.esp

dD Realistic Ragdoll Force.esp


FNIS SexyMove.esp






SexLab Approach.esp

SexLab SexChat.esp




animal mansion.esp






Specifically, I'm concerned that SexLabSolutions, PayCrime, Approach and SexChat might conflict in subtle ways that MO missed?



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This would be better answered in the SexLab Dialogue thread but here is a quick answer.


I have seen people report some conflict between Dialogues and other mods.


So far, I have not been able to reproduce any of them.


I am using Dialogues with SexLab Solutions, Amorous Adventures, TDF prostitution and Radiant Prostitution without issue so far.


I am not using PayCrime, Approach or SexChat, so I won't be able to help you with those.

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Thanks, Skyrimll.  Since I posted that, I've cleaned out my Skyrim and reinstalled, and haven't seen the issue again.  But I've also been careful to not cross over quests and confuse things --- for example, I'm pursuing the Esbern quest clear past Sky Haven Temple before I engage to do any parties in Animal Mansion, since Esbern will come to the party (I always knew he was a dirty old perv)  and still be stuck in his Ratway dialogue :)   Once I've finished Sky Haven, he's back to normal.


My new build omitted SexLab Solutions, SexChat and Approach as I feared Approach was adding too much script load to my game.   Currently, Radiant works great but I'll probably add TDF later because I want the dances and spells :)  Solutions looks like one of those nice mods to have, if I can get it to work.  I'm afraid to add it right now as I'm gunshy from having to reinstall Skyrim so many times.


PayCrime works pretty well and doesn't seem to be a big RAM eater as it only activates if a guard tries to arrest you. 



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