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i cant import .kf files to blender 2.49 i doing something wrong the problem say .kf is not supported, i am doing what the tutorial tell me.




This tutorial is good but i some problems with that you can see that problem in the first post the gif show the problem.



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I have problems in see the gif, it's too big and I can't preview it, but unfortunately it doesn't allow me to download it when I right-click.


If you installed the right nifscripts and all, there shouldn't be problems in importing .kf files. What animation are you trying to import? there are some cases where an animation returns an error if you try to import it, but it can be solved.

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It's not what I was thinking about, this animation imports fine in Blender.

You should try with a generic random vanilla animation, to see if you have issues in importing animations.


But now I should ask, since I dont know how much you know about Blender: how do you import the animation? because it must be imported with the skeleton, I saw in the tutorial you linked there are no pictures that show that. Maybe it's obvious for you but I prefer to check it... I attach a picture where I am importing the skeleton and in the meantime I choose the animation in the KeyFrame field, it's the only way to import animations, attached to a skeleton and not as separated files.


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