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Pelvic texture gap I can't explain


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So it's weird all my characters have a pelvic gap that's highly visible in skimpy armor EXCEPT for Sofia the follower. I don't know why.


I've tried uninstalling textures, copying body types, etc. It's weird because Sofia and my character have the same exact body type and texture except for the fact Sofia is small and my character is weight=100.


I tried changing my weight to 0 in the showracemenu function but the gap did not disappear. I can't understand what it is.


My armor is CBBE where the gap shows. Now here's the really WEIRD part. When I'm naked (CHSBHC body) there's no gap at all.










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Well tonight must be the Twilight Zone.... I reinstalled the textures in Nexus Mod Manager which FIXED the problem (thank you) but of course it broke the naked body because it's CHSBHC...


So I go to install CBBE body but suddenly Nexus Mod Manager literally will not start. Literally. Will not open in Windows.


So I'm like, no problem, I'll go into Caliente Tools and export a nif from my CBBE armors and make it my body. Bzzzzzzzt. Suddenly Caliente Tools crashes whenever trying to import a nif. It's literally scaring me that my 2 most used Skyrim tools stopped working within 10 seconds of one another.


I guess I'll just never take the clothes off lol

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