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Scripting for SL w/ Mod Organizer

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Just wondering if anyone's got any experience with this.  I recently switched to MO for management, and despite being vastly superior to the pile of crashes that is NMM, complex scripting through the virtualization is problematic since mods are invisible to one another for reference purposes, not to mention the whole MO-can't-handle-64x-papyrus issue.


So, for anyone who uses MO and also works on Sexlab script mods, what's your setup for getting these parts to work smoothly?  Should I just bite the bullet and move the framework back into the data directory and do it the old fashioned way?

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The thread is the workaround for the 64-bit compile issue, which I've resolved.  I was just wondering if there was a way to deal with the referencing issue with the way MO handles its virtualized data directory.


Did some digging and I guess I'll just follow Ashal's lead and toss the stuff needed for compiling into the data folder.

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I don't make mods myself, but I use this sites mods with MO, and there are no issues other than occasionally a mod will need to be archived manually because the dl file is not selectable. In this case, it has to be set up exactly as the original file, because I accidentally put some mod's files inside a single file, which MO can't read, and permanently breaking the mod for that save.

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The important thing when using MO while writing scripts, is in your PapyrusCompiler command used. When install CK, you likely got a Skyrim/Papyrus Compiler/ScriptCompile.bat file that looks like this:

"C:\Projects\TESV\Build\PC\Papyrus compiler\PapyrusCompiler.exe" %1 -f="TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg" -i="C:\Projects\TESV\Build\Source\DLC01\Scripts" -o="C:\Projects\TESV\Build\PC\Data\Scripts"

And if you're using an external editor you've likely customized that to use the correct paths. The trick to using ModOrganizer while compiling, is in the "-i=" argument. You can include multiple folders separated by a semicolon, so just add all the mod organizer script source folders you need to compile any scripts, such as SexLab Framework's scripts/source folder.


If you use Sublime Text for writing papyrus scripts and are using the Papyrus package for syntax highlighting and building, then you just need to edit your /Packages/Papyrus/Papyrus.sublime-build file similarly, here is my current sublime-build file for example:

	"cmd": [
		"C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Papyrus Compiler\\PapyrusCompiler.exe",
		"-i=C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Data\\Scripts\\Source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\SexLab Framework\\scripts\\Source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\SexLab - Aroused\\scripts\\source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\FNIS Behavior\\scripts\\source;$file_path",
	"file_regex": "(^.*\\.psc)\\(([0-9]*),([0-9]*)\\)",
	"selector": "source.papyrus"

Again anytime you need to compile a script from Sublime Text, just add any missing dependencies from MO's mods folder to the -i line. Don't need to launch your editor or anything from MO, it works off the relative path of the compiling script and the included source directories from MO.

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