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Camera Enhancer


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Open the console and type in tfc Then you can fly around with your camera freely. To stop it, just type tfc again.


already times not bad, But it goes even better, to the picture in the correct moment freezing, During a sword Punch, bow shot or tense, a jump or a kill move) you have to *****tfc 1***** in the console push.

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Also worth mentioning is the fov command to change the field of view. I find that using a much lower value for the fov works much better for characters than the typically high value that people play at. For example, I often use "fov 40" or "fov 35" when taking shots of my characters. And you can use "fov 0" to return to default.


The camera, by default, moves very quickly, often much too fast to get positioned exactly where you want it, but you can fix that with the sucsm command. I usually use "sucsm 2" to slow the camera down. 10 is the default value, lower values are slower, and higher values are faster.

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