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CBBE HDT Piercing Sets/Nipple Piercings not equipping


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Did you build them as outfits in Bodyslide?

On exactly the same CBBE HDT Body preset as your nude bodies?


Other than that, a few of them are not 100% working like some labia piercing seemed to be inside the body (thus not visible but equipped).

He's working on it.

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all vanilla races...the labia,and navel work fine anyway i go. but a select few of the nipple piercings work fine. all used to work fine then it all went to hell.


Maybe you updated your "CBBE Body HDT" by building the one that comes with BodySlide v2.2d? It has adjusted breast weights, so things like piercings might not always match the jiggle anymore.

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use TFC or sexlab cam to see if the piercings are equiped but just not adjusting correctly.

This happened on some of the sets for me.

They didnt body slide correctly and when equipped they where smaller than the bewbs actually are and ended up inside the bewbs.


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Just a guess....I encountered a similar issue concerning some outfits from nsk12/Mitosuke (Emfy and Merta).


If you use SOS and SOS for Females then you have the possibility to set certain outfit slots to "revealing". Alone the option to do this - introduced by SOS by scripts - seems to spread (or better split up) certain bodyslots for an outfit mesh into several slots. Concerning the Emfy outfit which comes along with a skirt and a robe (both torso meshes) I had to set the one which will be detcted by SOS in the revealing section to "revealing", otherwise I could only equip either the robe or the skirt, not both.


Maybe this is the same issue concerning the piercings, if you use other torso meshes (like navel rings, labia rings, bras etc.)....but usualy such jewelry is connected to nr. 52+ bodyslots and don't use the general torso armor slots. 


Another guess is that you haven't the newest body (CBBE v3.3) newest Bodyslide (v2.2d) and the newest skeleton (Grovtamas XPMSE v2.33) or you haven't updated your personal HDT PE bbp.xml file. It might be the case that they actuall equip, but aren't visible because they are set "into" the breast mesh.


For dealing with lots of mods that use certain body slots I can just recommend this mod: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1219-skyui-show-armor-slots/

Makes things easier to sort out.

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Well usually when an item is equipped there will be a arrow next to it that show its equipped but in my case with this theres no arrow showing that it is, so I don't think it has anything to do with SOS issue and what not but don't hold me wrong, i could be completely wrong.

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