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Request:Frostfall without Spells + HDT


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OK.I have to say this.I cannot stand the way Frostfall is right now for my mage playthough.This is simple.When playing Skyrim i normally follow a pattern.But when going to Riften i talk to Marice an she offer you a chance a reward for bringing her ice wrath teeth.


      Simple right.OK you are level 8.Not so easy.You get back to her an save your game infront of her.

Now Without Frostfall you complete the quest.You get food but you also can get 1 of 2 different spells.Magelight which is very useful for marking a target an destracting enemies sometimes but also for light.


      The other is Stoneskin.Another mage spell very very useful.This provides protection from enemy hits.Lowering the damage.


OK then run Frostfall.8 times out of 10 you get Sooth.Which Restores 10 exposure for 30 seconds. When the effect wears off, the restored exposure is lost.






      Totally useless.This is not to say all of these spells are useless that come from the mod.I am sure it had a purpose.However you have campfires.You have tents.You do not need these types of spells.It is appresiated but no thank you.I Want the option to turn this feature off.The creator has yet to provide an option.So can someone.please help by creating a mod that give me the option as a plugin to disable this feature.Note this i Love the User Interface and Weather sense addon.


         I have never been happer about that.But the creatore added spells with that.You can disable The UI you can disable weather sense.But you cant disable spells.This is all i am asking. please help.


Sorry forgot.As for the HDT physics.I was hopping for Wind physics.When wind blows on a tent or cloak from in game weather.I was hoping someone could animate the cloaks to have physics also this goes for the mod Cloaks of Skyrim.




In Frostfall you have additional cloaks.So yeah this will take some time to do.Eventually i am hoping this will lead to bedrolls being used by pulling covers over a player like in the Sims 3 and 4.This is the request.Thank you for your time.

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Basicially we are saying a MCM Patch.I did another trick to get rid of the spells an it worked the spells do not show up.But it required removing everything linked to it.Sure it worked but it is not permanent due to me formatting often.So in this case it can be seperate addons.

1, For cloak animations gonna need tail animations to go through cloaks or under them.


2.Another addon that gives the option to disable spells to be added to your gameplay.


3.Wind effects.Which will link strings to cloaks an tents.Like when you see in Climates of Tameriel wind effects an mosture clounds.They follow a pattern so you allow tents to move with that cloud speed in animations.On top of mountains fast on low plains slow if not at all.Around Riften i do not notice much wind.Only fog.


4.Beds and covers.I do not think detail is important on textures but they have to fit without causing a crash.So you can crawl into tents an under furs & sheats.


I am pretty sure they also have to be optional.Some people may not want some of these features due to performance.So i think on or off features.

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