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Complete N00b - Need Bodyslide Help


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Ok, I have good computer knowledge, but I haven't a clue about modding, converting clothing and armors etc. etc. But, I want to learn how.


One area that I thought I would like to try is using Bodyslide, as my Skyrim character has the Caliente Body, and wanted to try converting vanilla clothing to fit the body mesh that I have now. I am someone who learns something much better visually, than trying to read a written tutorial. I have tried watching some videos on YouTube on Bodyslide, but they are only a couple of minutes long, and the uploaders rush through the demos, and they aren't very helpful.


I wanted to start off as simple as possible with modifying a simple monk or mage's robe to fit my character's body, and then work up to more complex armors as I got more familiar with the program, and how to manipulate the meshes, what the different tools do, and that kind of thing. I can't seem to find any .NIF files for robes, though. I read something about having to unpack .NIF files before I can access them. All I want is a bunch of vanilla .NIF files to mess around with as I learn (but not screw up any game clothing/armor files permanently)


Any suggestions about the best way to get into this and learn how to use this program would be most helpful.

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Yeah, I'd also appreciate some help on this one. The problem with the guides I've seen thus far is that they assume that they are being clear when in my mind it's anything but. I can take my computer apart and reassemble it, and it will work, but bodyslide has me stumped. Go figure.

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