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Lovers Dark Lessons

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Latest Update

v0_39: Bugfixed and cleaned version, until someone points out otherwise.

Removed dependency on LoversMB2.esp Still needs the anims but those are packaged with LAPF

Animations have been updated to reference the correct LAPF anim.

Moved the despawn to the city gate so people don't disappear in the middle of the town square.

NEW CONTENT WOWIE!!!!!! Don't get too excited it is 7ish lines of dialogue that don't add any plot:

The first two victims say goodbye when freed.

Conversations recognize when your mouth is full of... mommy and daddy's special love juice



Short Description


This is a blackmail humiliation quest for female player characters, rather similar to LoversGGBlackmail. The current version contains blackmail, public humiliation, non-consentual, necrophelia at quest fail, and beastiality. If this ain't your cup of tea, don't drink it.


To start the quest play a female character and a quest will be added.


Story: 5 girls are kidnapped and you must save them by any means(well, just by the scripted means in the quest). Currently only the first 3 girls can be saved, but I'm working to add more!



Hey yall, this mod was started by Athstai back in the days of our forebears. Athstai since has moved onto a new mod for skyrim(http://dark-investig...s.blogspot.com/) of a similar style. This left Dark Lessons sadly unfinished, and since I have always enjoyed this mod I decided I would be the noble hero/heroine(oh wait I know what happens to those...) and get his permission to finish the mod. With Athstai's permission in hand I decided to give purpose to my freetime by working on an outdated mod for an outdated game!



Requirements: LAPF, Lovers Creatures


1. Download

2. Extract

3. Activate

Its just an esp



LoversDarkLessons0_3a.zip is Athstai's last version. Kept so it exists somewhere. Don't use. Better options.


LoversDarkLessons0_39.z7 Bugfixed version with no new content yet



To finish the encounters for the last 2 kidnapped girls. The 4th girl encounter should come out in the next week I hope


Finish bugfixing/cleaning code.


Add a quest for finding who is responsible for the blackmailing. Long term plan, get no hopes up.





v0_39: Actual cleaned and bugfixed version with NEW CONTENT! WOWIE!!!! (Don't get excited its like 3 lines of dialogue)

v0_3g: Attempted cleanup and bugfixed version, not clean, bit buggy, removed

v0_3a: Athstai's last version has first 3 encounters done



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    LoversPK, LoversCreatures


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There is something wrong with the master files

End of a load order is or should be



And I never put a Lovers Mod below these files.

( see also Lovers example Load order http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/   or my yellow Link below )


Your g Version has master files


Lovers with PK.esm

LoversMB2.esp    ( Yes above Lovers esp ! )

Lovers with PK.esp


The a Version is better


Lovers with PK.esm

Lovers with PK.esp



But why LoversMB2.esp  as master ? Mods that use LoversMB2.esp have a script check but not LoversMB2.esp as Master.

So your g Version is unplayable for most People.

I will test the a Version, even if I do not like esp after LoversMB2.

Always nice that people still make new mods


Edit: are you sure you need MB2 ? ( you must have the kf files from MB2 ) There are new Idle Animations that use the MB2 kf files.

If you create a unique xLoversMB Idle Animation i think you can remove MB2. ( have not checked the scripts )


Edit2: two of the new animations use the kf files from the Version a meshes Folder ( Characters\_Male\IdleAnims\MLF\ )

Are the animations not used ? If they are used People must also download Version a and install the meshes Folder.


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Test: your Version g ( after changing the Master file order with Tes4Gecko)



I can't get the second Girl-quest to work right.

I have received the task, and found a man, met him behind the rocks but nothing happened. He does not talk to me, or has no new Dialog Option, and Lovers sex dialogs and start blow Job results in no quest update.

I used the console and continued with the third Girl quest.

Works but not sure if the goblin should fuck me wile the Girl masturbates ( based on the dialogues I had the impression he should do this )


And the only Girl which say thanks is the third.  Why Girl 1 and 2  leave the tavern with the "bandits" ? Perhaps first a Dialog: Girl "Thank you " Player"Should I escort you home ? " Girl " No thanks, not necessary." Then she leaves the tavern.

And the "disappear Point" for Bandits and Girls is in the middle of the road. Better place it in front of the chorrol main gate, and it looks as if they leave the City.

( the third Girl only leaves the "Bandits Basement" and just standing around, she does not go to the "disappear Point".


In the Bandit Basement some wall,floor,door parts are not placed right, gaps or different height.  (  have not used Consruction Set function "snap to grid"  ? )


Nice dialogs, nice "Bandits Basement" ( perhaps some "decoration" . Criminals should have some stolen goods... sorry of course not stolen goods, I meant reward for the return of kidnapped people and stolen valuable objects. Some Barrels, bags and crates. )



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I'm in the middle of doing just that. Noticed all the same things so now I just need to parse all the old scripts, Yay! We'll see when I come out with working version :P


Also cheers for all the feedback, some of those were things I had planned to get to eventually(put it off as longs as posible), but I guess I'll just fix them before putting out another release, none of those should be toooo hard.

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Yeah just bugfixes so far, but I pulled my bugfix version. Because it was riddled with bugs(way to go me!). But yeah, I'm waist deep in code and should have something out this week. Fingers crossed. Praying to deities. Throwing salt of shoulders. Sacrificing lambs. Ect. Ect.

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