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[HELP] ~95% of grass missing + strange tree LOD's [YuDoDisSkyrim!?]]


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Soooooo - I have been fiddling with some interior/armor mods for a while, and just decided to poke my head out the front door of Whiterun... Only to discover that my tree LOD's looked rather strange, and that nearly every type of grass was missing. 


What on earth could be causing this, as I have not installed any mods recently that (should) affect any kind of terrain, etc in any way?


I have checked that grass toggle (tg in console) was not on, it isn't. I have checked and compared all my skyrim/skyrimprefs.ini settings to what they should be, and I see no issues. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling any/every mod I have that changes trees/grass/landscapes to no effect...


Here's some screenshots showing the issue:





I'm really hoping someone can help me on this...


EDIT: After some fiddling, I tested completely vanilla skyrim, and it had the identical issue, until i regenerated the skyrim/skyrimprefs.ini... However, I still have no idea what is the relevant difference between the two...


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