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Mod Organizer Copying over textures (Help)


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You don't have to edit the temptress race mod files themselves. All you need to do is to look and see where the temptress race is putting the textures.

Now create a folder called something like, "Temptress-retexture" (without the quotes of course)

Copy the temptress files structure to that new folder (don't delete or change anything in the original temptress folder)


So IF your temptress race keeps its textures in data\textures\temptress\(and all of the .dds files are in here)


Then you create :

textures\temptress\  folder inside your "Temptress-retexture" folder


copy the textures you want your temptress race to use into the right spot there.


Now use winzip or whatever you want to zip that temptress-retexture folder so you have a zip file (or a rar file if that's what you prefer)


In MO, you install a mod which is your new temptress-retexture mod (the zip file)


In the left pane you make sure that the temptress-retexture mod loads AFTER your temptress race mod.

If temptress race mod is priority 100, make temptress-retexture mod prioroty 101.


Now your new textures will overwrite the original temptress textures, but you HAVEN'T TOUCHED the original temptress mod. So if you change your mind or want to try a different texture, you just create another mod (like... temptress-retexture-2) with new textures, deactivate temptress-retexture in the left pane (your first retexture) and activate the new one.


By doing it this way, your original temptress race stays clean and untouched and you don't screw it up, but you can change whatever you want as long as it loads AFTER your temptress race mod.


I do this all the time for custom races using different textures, body meshes, and whatever. When you use MO, you can keep original mods original, and just use your custom-made mods to overwrite what you want to change.


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