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  1. hello my friend, hope you are well.  modsgaeden seems to be having an extra long outage.

    could I ask you If you have a link for the discord chat account so I can ask whats gone on.


    thankyou      found modsgarden discord





    1. SolidVault


      Hey just saw this message. Thanks for the discord invite was wondering how i can get access lol

  2. Where is his preset that he uses? link me to it
  3. This also happens to me but i dont have this mod installed i have my own profile, it would be great if someone suggests a fix.
  4. i have the latest AAF which is AAF 79, but can u link me the FPE AAF patch? also did autonomy enhanced work with AAF? and should i remove Fourplay?
  5. How did you kiss your wife at the beginning in the game?? and can i have sex with her in the bed? during the normal time ofc
  6. ok so i have placed it on top of all animation packs it still only counts missionary and no other. I tried cleaning system, reseting animation, rebuilding, disabling then enabling, registering and still no luck. is it because i have installed this mod?
  7. I currently have a problem where i cant see the animations on the toggle animations tab on sexlab even though i enabled and registered the animations through SL animation loader i even tried rebuilding the animation registry and still no luck, im only getting missionary the standard animation
  8. Hey guys can anyone help, sexlab's toggle animations page only shows missionary but on the index in the 2nd picture it shows how many animations are installed, and when i go and have sex it only uses the missionary animation.. The Mods i use are in this picture where it shows the animations i installed
  9. I currently have a slight issue with this profile its that the animations are misaligned when i switch to first person but its perfectly fine in third person any person willing to help me out?
  10. Does this fix the belly reset that happens when changing locations (Cells) to female NPCs?
  11. Hey guys im currently using beeing female the lastest version with BF add-on pack 1.3 and when i use bf:test the belly node works fine but NPCs that are on the 2nd or 3rd trimester reset back to flat belly when changing the zone / cell but when i wait 3 hours or use bf:test it gets back any fix for this issue?
  12. I dont know Elf Prince its pretty difficult to make a decision If you feel the series needs and fresh start go with it But i guess if i have to make a decision i'd go with the rotating households
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