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Animations for Char on beasts?


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There seems to be quite a few WIP animation projects for beasts in a dominant position towards humans on top of the already completed and fully functional Gone's BeastialityAnimation Pack. I was wondering if there was any animation packs where humans are in a dominant position towards beasts?

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Oh well the creature animations :)

Actually i'm not into bestiality at all (this was in fact illegal in my country until recently), but in a fantasy game this should exist 1.) for completeness, and 2.) because it's possible to do it.


Playing only male-hetero characters, i wasn't really happy when i tested the SexLab creature animations on a horse :P Even worse since the horses in the game are obviously supposed to be female (see the mare mod).


But yeah unless some talented modder steps up, humanoids as "giver" in creature animations ain't gonna happen.

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