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Clothed body HDT enabled, nude body static? Why?


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I've recently started a modded save for Skyrim, my first time using mods, and I may have gone a little bit crazy when installing my mods. I think I may have installed conflicting or slightly incompatible body replacements, as when my character is clothed, the body size corresponds to the weight set and is very jiggly (hehe) due to HDT I think, but as soon as the clothes come off, the body changes to a static custom body with different proportions that are not relative to weight.


Any ideas which of the following mods may be doing what? I can't shed much light on which have overridden the others bodies, so I don't expect any immediate solutions, but here goes:


  • DIMONIZED UNP female body - DIMface2
  • DIMONIZED UNP female body - UNP BASE Main body v1dot2
  • hdtPhysicsExtensions v14.28
  • BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio (I created a custom body at one point by adding the UNP base to the program)



Bonus question:


The Joy of Perspective mod doesn't seem to work?


EDIT: Someone in another thread mentioned a UNP HDT-PE BBP mod on the Nexus, should I just remove the custom body and the UNPB body and use that instead?

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Uninstall the original Dimonized UNP body. It's long out of date (2012 I think) and, last I checked, does not line up with the vanilla head mesh and does not supply one of it's own.


Reinstall UNP Blessed Body and make sure you have the TBBP option selected. That should get the HDT working. As for clothed/naked body scale mismatch just make sure your clothing and armour mods are for UNP and it should look basically fine.


If Joy of Perspective is not working for you try Immersive First Person instead.

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I fixed my problem by keeping the original body, but installing the UNP HDT-PE BBP body which requires it, although SOS no longer works as the body is not valid. I might attempt to modify my copy of SOS myself to fix this, we'll see.


Immersive First Person works.


Occasionally NPCs will have a weird skin texture, kind of like rust. What can cause this?

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