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[REQ] B.L.O.R.


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Hi guys 


Big List Of Requests



Over my time here on lovers lab i haven't found mods that add these types of things so im making a request page.

If any of these requests have been done on here or other websites a link would be lovely. thank you =D.

(not all are pervy but most are)



i am not a mod creater i have never made any mods for skyrim and i dont know how, i would create these if i could but i do not have the time to learn or the patience to create them. if someone would like to make these please let me know and i will try and help when i can.

i understand mods are hard to create and take a long time but i would like to see these come to light.

if any of these have already been made please tell me.


1. a tongue

sounds simple but not easy to make. i would love the ability to have a tongue in skyrim.

it could just flap up and down when talking but also could be added to many sexlab which in my thoughts would be cool to have ....and fairly hot.




2. sex follower

now i know there are ones in the making and there is also arouse adventures(i think thats it) that adds to vanilla followers to have dialog sex.

but if anyone remembers Katie from fallout where you could do favors for her and she would do favors for you, i kinda want something like that not a want sex get sex mod something more indepth if it can be.

also in dragon age origins there was a mod named "more options in the pearl" with used dialog to change what was happening in your sexual incounter. i would like for this to be an option if it is even possible in skyrim.




3.animation requests(sex)

these will be hard to explane but here we go.

i would like an animation where PC(prob male) starts resting their head on the legs of a NPC as in PC is sleeping and it could start with a lighthearted chest massage non sexual but the npc could start moving their hands down lower the PC's body to a more pervy massage, at which point the PC could decline the advance(like jump or something to cancel the animation ), accept the advance (do nothing?) or force the NPC down on them.


^^i know thats a bit strange but yeah



4. another follower?

i would like to see and older follower, they are experienced in combat and sex for that mater.

they could understand the sexual needs of a younger person and offer to assist in many ways starting of simple then expanding into many fetish's.




5. animation request

(non sexual)

exhaustion, there are lots of idles for females and not many for males but i would like to see a situation idle . 

e.g. when the stamina bar is low PC(or NPC) could start heavily breathing and moving up and down in a heavy manner, and if after a fight the PC could colpas to their hands and knees (and posibly increasing stamina restor rate).



6. more followers

i would love to see if someone could transfer Morigin and scout (Lace) Harding from dragon age inquisition into skyrim, maybe even transfer their voices if possible.


7. traces

with current sexlab after you have sex a trace of cum is left on the partner or you, i would like to see this expanded to a larger degree. say when you have sex the female can end up covered in cum but the ground is left untouched it would be nice to see if a bit of "cum" stayed on the ground ofter the act is completed kind of like how blood can stay a bit. also when you have sex more than one the amount never increase, i would like to see it pile up if thats posible.


8. HDT cumshot

i know there is sexlab cumshot i would like to see it with HDT so it could hit things rather than pasing right through my partner. 



this list will be expanded over time.


Thanks for reading.

sorry for bad english.


if anyone choses to work on these or has done somthing similar i would love to know and keep in contact with you and help any way i can. 



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