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HELP with sex scenes

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I just started playing FONV and modding it also. The problem I am having is that none of the sex scenes are working. They just stand there with the sounds playing and then fall down. The only sex acts I have seen work is I had a bighorner attack me. It moved appropriately but my character just stood there. My load order is attached. I tried to do a spoiler but could not figure it out.....sorry.

FONV Load order.txt

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The spoiler option is hidden in the top left (3. from left) in Special BBCode. :ph34r:

You could try reinstalling the compatibility skeleton. If it are human npcs/pc (and ghouls) who fail to have sex

that is likely to be the problem.(Did you install BnB before or after the compatability skeleton?)

Also check if nvse and the nvse extender are recent versions and installed correcly.

See BruceWayne´s Tutorial, it shows the folder structure in pics.

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99.999% of the time, it's a bad non-sexout mod. Instructions on how to find out which one, and how to fix it, are in the first post in the sexout main thread. Groovatron, UMPA dance, and other animation mods with dirty edits to the knockdown idles group. You can figure out which one it is either by disabling mods one at a time until it is fixed -- or by loading your entire load order in fnvedit and doing a conflict search, looking for any mods that modify the KnockdownIdles group and then deleting those modifications.

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