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What the hell ???

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I don't understand anything in the way to mod that game...

Ok, I'm running the 1.9.32 with highest SKSE... And I don't understand anything with FNIS and ModOrganizer !


I installed first SKSE, SkyUI and all requirements... Then my body replacers... And then, I made the FNIS bidule truc de merde with the .exe to setup animations or I don't know. And know, I don't have no more nude mesh, Sexlab is running... I get the LoversComfort, ZAZ; APPS and Aroused. And I don't know how to test it... No cast or spell like in Oblivion ?


But... I don't know how to cast it or how to see it. It's ugly... Very worst than Oblivion. Loverslab and TamagoClub are easy on that side...


I will explode the CD by jumping on it, I'm borred to reinstall again and again...


If someone can told how to install Sexlab step by step, it will be very cool !


Edit : Sérieusement, des français dans le coin qui peuvent m'expliquer comme ça marche ? Parce que ce putain de jeu va me faire péter un plomb, il est encore plus tordu qu'Oblivion à modder... c'est la quatrième fois que je le réinstalle, et la quatrième fois qu'il se configure selon son bon vouloir.

Il n'y a pas un équivalent SIMPLE de OBMM sur ce jeu de merde ?


Edit 2 : I don't know why... But if I run the game with SKSE, it's not working... But if I do with the link in ModOptimizer... It works... What the fck ???

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Sexlab is the framework it does *nothing* by itself as it is what other mods use to make their mods work as just like how LAFP for oblivion does *nothing* by itself as it is a framework.


Use LOOT instead of BOSS for skyrim as BOSS is no longer being supported or updated to sort out your load order whatever it is as we have no clue as you never posted one for people to see if you have a problem in the load order. 


Unzip Fnis and manually add it to your games folder then run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe you need to run it every time you add/remove a mod from your load order.


If your player had nude meshes and then they are gone that would mean that something in your load order is out of whack conflicting or being trumped by another mod.


To check and adjust mods that you have installed like HDT heels or sexlab/sexlab mods you need to hit the ESC button and look under the MCM button this is where all mods will show up if they made to show up there some might take a bit to appear in the list. If you want to test things you can try downloading matchmaker I believe that is the one that they say is a good one to see if sexlab and other things are working correctly.

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I read it, and I do as it tells... But it don't work with FNIS... <_<


Edit : I had read this !



And the fact is that's not clear... And I don't have only framework files, I have downloaded Sexlab Romance and APPS...

What is the classic order to install mods ?

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Its does, but you probably didn't run the GenerateFNISforusers.exe after you installed FNIS and all the Sexlab stuff. Another way to test is just to talk to npcs, followers, etc. If like the prev. poster stated the mods show up in MCM and you have additional dialogue options like "Hold on a minute, I want to discuss something with you" <--- that's the ticket to naughty town!


If you're new to modding, there are many youtube tutorials to help get you started and avoid the many pratfalls that can occur. Guy by the name of Gopher has a excellent Beginner's guide to Modding Skyrim series, highly recommend it.

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In fact there is a porblem with ModOptimizer... When I launch the game by the button start in ModOrganizer, it starts the game without the graphical options I set up in SkyrimLauncher.exe and there are some issues with SKSE. One time I get the nude mesh, the other I don't get it.

I don't understand it... It's borring !

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And so on.. What are the best plugins for sexlabs ?

On Oblivion I used to play with Player Slave Traders, Creatures, Wappy Rapers, TamagoClub, etc... What are the plugins to play this way on Skyrim ?


Edit : By using FNIS, I saw there is idle animations for males AND females ? =)

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