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ECE crashes Skyrim when going nude


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I don't know why, but ECE crashes Skyrim when I undress. I'm using UNPB TBBP with HDT. In the picture below you can see my mod list.


I'm also using M.O. (and that's where ECE and FNIS are, that's the only thing MO has too). I launch through MO. I know it's ECE because it only crashes when it's active and when I disable the mod it's fine.


The only reason I like using both MO and NMM is because I like installing mods that I'll use through all my profiles on NMM so I don't have to worry about clutter on MO. MO just separates the mods I want for specific profiles. I've been doing this for about 7 months now and this is the first problem I've came across like this.


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If your skeleton is placed in the data folder by NMM then MO has UNPB (which contains it's own skeleton) in it you are overwriting the skeleton and you'll get crashes. Try moving the skeleton to MO and putting it at the bottom of the left pane. I'm shocked this only just showed up.


I would never use both NMM and MO at the same time, though. You're really defeating the main purpose of MO by doing that (keeping the data folder clean).

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Okay, so I've figured out exactly what crashes it (but not why it crashes it)


In the picture below, you'll see that's all I have installed. That's it. Except live another life. So, when using a regular UNP body, everything works. Clothes off, everything. 


But once I


  1. Go into BodySlide 
  2. Select UNP TBBP body (for HDT).
  3. Build that body
  4. Open game
  5. Take off clothes
  6. Get CTD

It says the requirements are:


> HDT Physics Extension

> XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

> A TBBP or BBP supported body mod


What am I doing wrong?


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It's back to ECE making it crash. I reinstalled the game freshly (even deleted the skyrim folder), reinstalled every mod JUST through Mod Organizer. Entered and exited the game on each mod while installing the core mods like HDT, UNP, etc. Then I finally get HDT to work while using UNP TBBP Body and XP32 Maximum Skeleton. Then I installed ECE and now I crash when I undress my PC. When I deactivate ECE through MO, I don't crash while undressing. Why is this!!?!?!? 


I just started using ECE the other day because I downloaded some presets that I really want to use! :( 


Please help. :(

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Besides, why install UNP and Bodyslide? No reason to do that. Just use the UNP body (and there's a HDT version on Nexus now that works great). And make sure that you don't overwrite ANY of the skeleton's files. In fact, you generating the body after already installing the skeleton could be the problem.


Almost 100% of the time you get crashes while disrobing it's a skeleton overwrite issue.

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