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OBSE Loader Crashes


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Oblivion crashes immediately after I use the OBSE launcher to start it. It worked yesterday with no problems, and I changed nothing between then and when the crashes started. The only thing suspicious was that it was running really slowly, so I restarted the computer, and the crashes started after that.


Afterwards I tried upgrading my OBSE version, even though I was pretty sure it was already current, I upgraded Wrye Bash to v305 because BOSS is now incompatible with v304.3. I've tried deleting the .ini file, which didn't work.


The thing is, Oblivion loads just fine using the default launcher, although, of course, I won't get the benefit of OBSE functions that way. The launcher also fails to start the Construction Set. The error I get is a generic "Oblivion has stopped working", so it's no help at all.


I'm running the retail GOTY version, not Steam if that makes any difference.


If anyone has any insight and feels like sharing, I'd be grateful.

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Which oblivion.ini did you delete?  If you deleted the one in the game folder then that won't fix things.  Make sure to delete the one where the saved games folder is (my documents\games\oblivion for most folks).


Beyond that we can't really help without seeing your load order other than guess at stuff.

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I'm pretty sure it's not a load order problem, unless that affects OBSE more than the default launcher. As I said, using the default will get it to load to the main menu screen, but OBSE will crash immediately, long before that point. Besides, nothing changed in my load order between when it worked, and when it started to fail. The fact that the Construction Set also fails in exactly the same way when opened with the OBSE launcher but not when opened normally suggests that as the point of failure.

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In case anybody cares, or someone comes across this problem in the future, somehow OBSE decided it didn't like the contents of the fonts folder anymore. Deleting it caused OBSE to launch successfully.


More important is how I diagnosed it. I checked to see if a clean install of Oblivion would launch with OBSE, then copied files from my old installation over by folder. When I got to the fonts folder, the problem manifested.


Incidentally, I don't know how a load order would have helped diagnose the problem.

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I know. I think something went wrong with DarNified UI, and I've been trying to fix it based on that, to no avail. DarNified UI is the only contributor to my Fonts folder. I tried "upgrading" to the Dark UI version, even though I don't really like the color scheme, but my game keeps crashing on startup. I've been keeping an eye on the [Fonts] section of the .ini file, and DarNified UI tries to add font types to the .ini that don't exist in the folder. (Not the Handwritten, I know that's in one of the BSAs).


Fixes attempted:

Clear out some duplicate files with bizarre file extensions.

Uninstall/Reinstall DarNified UI via OBMM.

Uninstall and "upgrade" to Dark DarNified UI. .ini edits actually point to fonts that exist, but the game still crashes.

Manually install the fonts from the loose files archive.


Replacing the files from a backup solved the problem. I have no idea what caused the failure in the first place. That folder had sat unchanged for months. I also don't know why replacing from a backup worked, but uninstalling and reinstalling from the OMOD did not, as well as installing from the loose files download.

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