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UNP milk leaks for Soulgem Oven II

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I've converted the milk leak trail shader texture to UNP flavor.


There's three variants: the first is the same as the current leak, with some of the white pixellated crud around the stream removed. The second is one I toyed around with and redesigned a bit (Photoshop puppet warp is your friend!) with a lot of little droplets, and the third is the modified version sans droplets.


Also, I made some variant specular maps that have shiny milk leaks to reflect light as a damp patch should. I'll put them up here, but a few big caveats:


One: it may look weird if you're using a different body texture than I am, and you probably are since mine are custom. No guarantees, warranties or anything of the sort; back up your existing shine map before trying. I mean it.


Two: all models that use the same texture (i.e. all females, unless their race has a separate shine map; khajiit and argonians are included) will have the shiny spot, even if not currently leaking. Consider it perhaps a subtle leak, enough to dampen but not appear white.


Finally, number three: the damn things blow out to blinding white levels under some lighting conditions (firepits, etc), but I can't seem to control that without losing shininess detail... If someone who knows a lot about specular maps could check what I'm doing wrong, that'd be nice. It could just be an engine limitation I guess. Snow and such has a similar problem on occasion.


These are included in the same archives as the milk leak textures, but in an optional file. Extract it to ../data/ as usual.


My favorite is the driplets version, because if you've had any experience with the real stuff you'll know it sprays out all over almost at random... but that would likely be a pain to code in terms of visual effects

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Many thanks for this, really glad this came out, also got me into Soulgem Oven II, which is a surprisingly good mod that runs well. Will we see more, heavier variants in the future? I like the droplets you added, but I also like the original pattern too. Also, a link to http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1247-soulgem-oven-ii/ in the mod descrip might be good for people who see this and want to reference the original topic.

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You could probably solve the skin usuage issue by creating a Body slide set similar to a piercing that would use the shape of the nipple and lower section of the breast, then just set the UV and textures to point to an indipendant texture set (diffuse, normal, and specular).


Build it for body slide so people could just morph the item to there characters shape, and maybe even work it in as an skse plugin (similar to the 3d hair skse plugin) that way it doesn't take up a slot in game.


It would need to conform to the breast correctly and have the proper bone weights to work with different BBP, TBBP, or HDT body types... but it could be done.

For the meshes BSDismemberskindata (hope I spelled that correctly) you could point it to the body instead of slot 32 or what ever and that should add it to the character (while allowing the users texture set play out for the rest of the body)....

You could probably add some amount of transparency to it as well to allow the body texture underneath to show thru at the edges (that maybe on the texture side and not on the mesh side though).


And if it is just a nif that goes over the nipple and under boob section, it should get rid of the chin dribble issue with the current setup.... hopefully.


But then again I could be way off in left field on this...



Edit: Oh and you can the base bodies I created for Unified UNP (It's a high poly in a CBBE 3.2/3.3 shape) and cut up the breasts to get a high poly part to paint (it should morph well to the varying shapes that are available in Skyrim).


Note: Just strip out the UV map and texture and start cutting up the mesh until you get the area of the breasts that are needed (do that in Max or Blender, cause you can't cut up a single mesh in nifskope or Outfit Studio).


Have fun...

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