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Need help choosing a body.


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Hello my fellow Lovers Lab peoples. I have been a long time lurker and occasional poster here and was hoping I can get some advice from my favorite Skyrim playing people. I just reinstalled my game and am re downloading mods but hit a road block. I can not decided on UNP, UNPB, or 7B. UNPB use to be my go too because there is plenty of support for BBP and pregnant body but armor and clothes support seems to have fallen lately. UNP however still has most of the armor/clothing support but I can not tell if it supports BBP or pregnant body. If it does, I do not know how. 7B seems like a good choice but is still catching up on armor and clothing and I do not see any support for pregnant body.


Help me Lovers Lab. Your my only hope. =)


PS Stay awesome you guys and gals.

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Select CBBE. Most of the mods has CBBE support, even without, clothes or armor fits it perfectly.

Also, CBBE supports t/bbp and pregnant bodies, i have all the stuff from-the-box, just install hdt physics extension and high heel system, no need to tweak even, just bodyslide.


Or, select the one that looks good to you, which CBBE does not for many people including myself, and try to find a pregnant variant of it.


Personally, I combine Dream Girl and Body by Leito, but I do not use pregnancy.

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In my own opinion there are 4 major mods with great support to choose from.

  • CBBE - The first major body mod and arguably the most supported
  • UNP - More realistic bodies that CBBE but probably too "petite" for many peoples taste
  • UNPB - Less realistic than UNP but with more "features" if you catch my drift. This is the one i use.
  • 7B - More ideal and "unrealistic" body. Basicly an "ideal" depiction of a female

I would say that between UNP and UNPB, the latter is the clear victor, though the choice between UNPB and 7B comes down to personal preference.

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Thank you guys for all the quick replies. This is why I love this community. I think after some consideration, I will stick with UNPB and just hope some more armor conversions come down the tubes eventually. Quick question though. I know I can do BBP through UNPB's in mod setup but can I do SG textures with b3lisario's UNPB BBP Pregnant Body, or would the two clash? If I can, how would I install it? SG Textures>b3lisario>UNPB Redux>XP32 Skeleton>HDT BBP? Or am I so off that it physically and spiritually hurts? Despite modding for over a year, still a super n00b at it.

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Learn about bodyslide then choose.


Pretty much this.  Bodyslide almost completely eliminates the age-old debate of "which body mod is the best?".  Download CBBE (because you need it for Bodyslide), Bodyslide 2, and some Bodyslide-compatible armors/clothing and make whatever shape your heart desires.

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