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  1. So does this work with the newest SKSE version? It says SKSE 1.5.80 or older in the description
  2. Ok I figured it out for those with the same problem: I had to deinstall not only MO2 but also the parts of it which were saved in App Data. After reinstalling everything worked like normal. I believe the problem was that I already installed MO2 before and that somehow messed with how it worked. I for some reason had multiple Mod Organizer Folders with inis etc. in them.
  3. I am trying to install Mods with MO2 for SSE, but the everytime I try to activate a Mod it gives me this Error: "NtOpenFile() failed for \??\D:ModOrganizer\SkyrimSe\mods\ENB Helper SE ,0xc000003a". The plugins.txt is also empty even if try running LOOT it only gives me an error message: [error] Given game local path "D:ModOrganizer/SkyrimSe 1/profiles/Default" does not resolve to a valid directory. [error] Loot failed. Exit code was: 0x1 Edit: Solved: Ok I figured it out for those with the same problem: I had to deinstall not only MO2 but also the parts of
  4. Yeah, really weird decision on their side. The update doesn't even seem to offer that much imo. It just lost a lot of progress basically and made a lot of work for other mod authors. I find it especially odd that, if they new that would happen they didn't warn anybody and are not providing the older versions. That wouldn't take them any effort really and I can't imagine any good reasons why they didn't.
  5. Oh I see thanks a bunch. That was unexpected. The mod author also isn't providing older versions on the mod page. I didn't even consider that the error could have been installing the new version of Fusion Girl. I guess nobody can provide their older version of the mod though, due to the author not giving permission I guess. Edit: Nevermind I still have version 1.45
  6. I have a weird problem, where I am using Fusion Girl Conversions for some Outfits, but they are not being affected by the preset correctly. For example when using Devious Devices the Devices are way to big while the body seems to be CBBE body. I can already see in Bodyslide that the outfits even though they are FG conversions are only reacting correctly to CBBE presets. I tried reinstalling some conversions and hightening their priority in MO2, but nothing worked so far. Picture of problem: As you can see the Outfit is bigger than the body/the body is smaller than i
  7. You said this in another threat a while ago. So now I want to add the genital textures to this: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31965 texture mod I am using with the regular Fusion Girl Body. I thought, that I can just ad these textures on top of the FSM textures somehow, but my problem is that I don't know how/where to place them.
  8. Hey a suggestion for your mod. So users can use their own slutty clothing for events. Why doesn't the Companion just tell the player to wear something slutty and then dismiss them from the dialogue. So the player then can just equip what they like and then talk to the companion again and say something like "Is this fine?" and the companion could just confirm that. That wouldn't be as hard to implent as actually giving the players the option to add their clothings or outfits to some list. I believe that could be a good workaround, especially for players using Fusion Gi
  9. Wow this mod sounds and looks great. I can't wait to test it. It always bothered me how many mods neglect the roleplaying part, which in my opinion is the most important part in Adult Mods.
  10. So I discovered the game RyonaRPG, which is a RPG Maker game about sadism etc. and managed to download it and there is also supposed to be a translation for it, but I can't find it anywhere. The only side I found which was supposed to host the translation gave me a 404 error. The game is already in development since 2009 I think and is still ongoing. So there never is a full translation, but the majority should have been translated and the rest can always be done with machine translation. I would realy appreciate if someone could give me a Link to where I could download the tr
  11. Hey I have a suggestion for improving the moddels. I think that the moddels and the character creation menu still leave a lot to be desired and both don't realy work, which is understandable considering you are not a professional 3d Model artist and making these things is super diffiecult and time consuming. So I would suggest, that you maybe approach somebody who would provide more proffesional models for free. There are a lot of talented 3D model artists in the SFM scene who upload there models to SFM Lab and I could imagine that some of them would maybe be eager to help this project out.
  12. Maybe when you reinstalled MO you didn't delete The "mods" folder, where all the installed mods are stored?
  13. So I saw that the HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13572) has an animated helmet and was wondering how it was done and if it is possible to add animations to vanilla armors (not talking about physics).
  14. I just saw that @RuthlessPeasant posted a new animation on Twitter for this mod, and he also has a Patreon, I am just not sure if he will release the mod on LL.
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