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Changing Perspective with Mouse Wheel Stuck


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I've been having an issue whenever I choose whatever my new life is on Alternative Start. As soon as the quest changes to the next step, my mousewheel suddenly locks and I can't use it to zoom in or zoom out. This basically breaks the game for me. I can still switch between perspective with the "F" key, but I can't seem to do anything when I try and zoom. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


Here's my loadout. Maybe it could be a mod that I don't know about?



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ImmersiveFP? Enhanced Camera?

I don't have Enhanced Camera and while I do have ImmersiveFP, it only starts to happen AFTER I talk to the statue of Mara. I just don't understand why it would work up until that point in time.

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Did you have some mod that play animation on your character?


Sometime the Zoom in/out get stuck if the player is playing specific animation.


Make a test, when the zoom stuck -> jump, and while in air try to Zoom in/out. If it works is a problem related to the anim, If not you can exclude at least this...

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