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Frequent Freezes. Likely not directly related to SexLab after all.

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This started happening recently.


What I did:

  • Installed a bunch of mods.
  • Put on some Devious Devices (plugs and harness)
  • Went adventuring
What I got:
  • Everything seems fine for a bit, then the game freezes
  • Sometimes it freezes as soon as I put leave the inventory after putting the devices on.
What I expected:
  • Not freezing
I'm using Mod Organizer.


This is my Mod-Order:




And this is my Load-Order:





Mod-Order with recently added mods added in red:





The Devious items I have equipped are:

  • "Little Helper" vaginal plug for mages (Captured Dreams)
  • Inflatable anal plug (Devious Devices or Devious Devices expansion)
  • Harness
I'm hoping this is just a Load Order problem, because that seems like it will be way easier to fix than just about anything else, but TES5EDIT doesn't indicate any errors, so I'm not so hopeful on that front.


EDIT: based on more information, I now have no particular reason to assume it's Devious Devices related, so the title has been changed.

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I don't have anything to show yet, but I'm updating to say I did something stupid:

  • I didn't check my Skyrim.ini, and it already had a "[Papyrus]" section, so it ignored what I added and didn't generate logs, because that's what the first "[Papyrus]" section said to do. (Found the answer here)
I've now fixed that problem, so hopefully if it crashes again it will generate some useful log files.
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It crashed again. This time I have a log: attachicon.gifPapyrus.0.log


For possible convenience, I also have the output of:

cat Papyrus.0.log | grep rror > Papyrus.0.log.errors.txt


I'm seeing a lot of errors related to "zzEstrus", so I'm starting to think it might be that.


A fellow Linux user, eh? :P. Grepping for "rror" missed the stack dump, fyi.


Looking at the log, there is nothing to indicate that DD is causing your crash. You had a couple of back to back stack dumps (Which are more likely your problem).

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More information:


First: in retrospect I should probably have mentioned this before: when I exits Skyrim through the menu, it usually freezes and has to be killed.


Second: There seem to be two kinds of stack dumps:

  • "Suspended stack count is over our warning threshold"
  • somethingorother is invalid or null or doesn't exist
I'm not sure which one I should be more worried about.


Third: You might have figured this out from the post times, but the crashes seem to happen after around three hours. Now that I think about it, this suggests to me that it might be some sort of "too many scripts" thing.


Fourth: The stack dumps mention a lot of "slac_*", which is probably SexLab Aroused Creatures, and "Critter*.psc" (e.g., "Critter.psc", "CritterSpawn.psc"), which is apparently a vanilla Skyrim thing.


So, I'm thinking there might be something doing things with creatures.


EDIT: Forgot to mention: this is based on a new Papyrus log:


EDIT 2: At a glance, the other one appears to have more "TrapFirePlate.psc" in the stack, and basically no Critter*.psc, so I dunno.


EDIT 3: I'm going to turn off SLAC and swap and see what happens.

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More information:


Fourth: The stack dumps mention a lot of "slac_*", which is probably SexLab Aroused Creatures, and "Critter*.psc" (e.g., "Critter.psc", "CritterSpawn.psc"), which is apparently a vanilla Skyrim thing.

The SLAC errors look like a known bug that means installing, uninstalling or updating Defeat, Submit or Deviously Helpless can cause issues with an existing SLAC installation. I would recommend uninstalling Aroused Creatures, making a clean save, then reinstalling.


Sorry about that.

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I have actually removed Aroused Creatures already. And some other things.


The stability of the game appears to remain the same.

  • Deactivated Estrus Chaurus, Estrus for Skyrim, ActorEvents, because something there was giving errors and I didn't enjoy the mod enough to deal with problems for it.
  • Deactivated SexLab Aroused Creatures.
  • Deactivated Deviously Helpless because I couldn't figure out how to turn off Armbinders in it.
  • Deactivated Sexlab Submit and Sexlab Submit + Devious because it had some errors I think, and I had deactivated most of it in favor of Sexlab Defeat instead.
  • Deactivated FNIS SexyMove because it was throwing some errors IIRC, and once again, I didn't consider it worth the hassle. Also removed the alternate riding animation to reduce the number of moving parts.
  • Started the game up, saved it, and shut it down.
  • Used this tool to remove all "# -> *" scripts (i.e., defunct ones) from the save file. (After Googling confirmed that I probably didn't need to worry about using it on FNIS SexyMove, despite the warning)
  • Installed Amorous Advantures v1.28 because I could not contain my thirst for MORE MODS.
  • Ran FNIS in a virtual machine because it doesn't work for me in WINE. (Why yes, Skyrim does work in WINE. Oblivion does too. My virtual machine also works, but there everything is all blurry like I'm constantly learning a new dragon shout, so screw that.)
  • Copied the contents of the "${SKYRIM}/ModOrganizer/overwrite" out of the virtual machine and into the corresponding place in the WINE location.
  • Added ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 to my skse.ini.
  • Things seem to work about the same as before.
This lead to that last Papyrus log, but just in case that's confusing, here it is again:


EDIT: I'm going to look for more debugging buttons in MCM.

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The crashes generally happen after about 3 hours of gameplay, so I can't tell if this is a new problem or an old problem, because I only recently started playing for this long at a time.


Except... something just happened now:

  • I went through MCM, enabling all the debugging options
  • Reregistered Sexlab animations
  • Went around playing as usual
  • Took an in-game nap
  • Used Crouch+G to try to masturbate
  • Chose to use the bed
  • Popup: visual c++ error r6025
  • crash
This happened after 45 minutes.




I suspect this is a different problem.


EDIT: I'm thinking maybe I screwed up with the animation resetting in the MCM

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Well, that problem hasn't showed up again.


I think I'm going to stop trying things unless it starts happening more frequently, and just consider three hours, "time to get up and tend to my physical needs, like food, and sleep, and potty breaks.", because I think that "realistic needs" files (food, going to the bathroom) shouldn't be immersive.


Maybe turning off debug logging will improve my framerate.

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