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Only in Skyrim ? Then it must be something that you put and your card doesn't handle it.


What he said :) Ninja


Then most likely Skyrim configuration issue, try run launcher and redetect video or backup and then delete ini files, then run launcher and redetect video? Sorry dont have skyrim installed so a little fuzzy on steps. If running enb disable and verify still problem, make sure AA is disabled for card when running enb, pic really looks like 1 bad object since can see background and other npc pretty clear, disable mods and verify still problem, could be one mesh or texture causing that. Just my guesses.


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It workd! I removed ENB Seris and now it works! I just have 3 problems:   1:Some clothes are invisible .  2: if  i get attacked  it crashes.   3:Some creatures ar don't moving or attacking. So i have this promblems right now. But big thanks anyway!!!!!!

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That sounds like animation and texture problems. Your first step is disabling mods, disable everything and try it, if it still crashes it's time for you to reinstall.

Also you people don't read the readmes and expect everything to work out, preparing your modded game is a process that takes hours or even days, you have to check for incompatibilities in the description page and forums and have to install the mods one by one checking to see problems

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1. Clothes invisibility

* Sounds like there's no meshes. Are you sure you installed the needed packages? Check the mod folders too. Might be a blunder that you need to fix manually.


2. CTD on getting hit

* Does this happen on you only or on other NPCs too? I might chance on custom skeleton error; as in something you did wrong on your end. Try checking the installation process and do it again.


3. Some inanimate NPCs

* Since it might be linked with 2, did you run FNIS (Fore New Idle; found on Nexus) generator?


@ Angrybird

It would seem like TC is more of a new gamer on Skyrim or on games modding in general. I was pretty much like that when I started though I have a bit more experience hacking games apart that I started going through the long list of word walls on my own. It's a bit of a chore going through the comments on Nexus as there's just too many praises to go through (particularly the famous ones) or just downright rude comments thrown right on page one... and getting the thread locked to oblivion.

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He probably is new and that's why it's worth repeating.

And just write compatibility in the search function or the name of mods you want to search compatibility for, you don't need to read every comment of course, but it may give you 50 extra hours without crashes instead of 10 or 20.

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When i install a new mod, ofcourse i uptade fnis generator.Crashes hapens on random npc i think  and wolfs if i remember. And about the meshes i don't know.

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