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How do I enable HDT on my clothing meshes?


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I've been working on a mod that adds in clothing from RWBY to the game, mainly to test my model-making abilities. So, quite a few of these outfits have skirts and waistcapes. How do I enable HDT on them?


Is it just as simple as following the tutorial on their google code page about enabling HDT on a existing mesh?

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You want the YouTube channel of canderes. He's got some really good HDT tutorials on how to add HDT to hair and cloth meshes.


No, "enabling HDT on an existing mesh" is something completely different, it's just for getting HDT breast and butt jiggle. When an outfit is skinned to a TBBP enabled body, HDT can make it jiggle without dependency on special TBBP animations.

Adding HDT to clothing so that skirts and the like are freely moving is a much more difficult process. You have to add bones to the clothing mesh and fiddle around with the Havok Content Tools; canderes explains this process very well in his videos.

There also exists a plugin for 3ds Max to somewhat automate said process (can be found here on LL, it's called "HDT Autopilot"). But be warned, it's not a "click this and get a perfect result" plugin, you still have to know what you're doing, it just simplifies the repetitive parts of the process ;)

Hope that helps to get you started.

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^ Thanks for the info man, very informative. My clothing's going to be all separated into specific body parts (Chest, Skirt, Shoes, Gloves, that sort of thing), so at least I can apply HDT to most of the clothing to make the jiggle going on. 


And... I think since I definitely need to get acquainted with 3DS Max to use those autopilot tools, maybe it might be better for to find a HDT skirt resource and use that rig instead?

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