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  1. Ah okay, sweet! That's a start at least I managed to find a animation resource here on LL for male and female rigs in Blender, and I've sort of started things off. But it's good to know that I can use FAFF to trigger facial animations.
  2. Hey there, are there any guides or tutorials to follow on creating custom animations in Blender? I'm getting interested in making my own animation pack for Sexout and are figuring out how to animate the new vegas character models, but have no clue how faces are animated by the game.
  3. Was just going to say, has anyone else run into a issue where activating the mod crashes your game no matter what save you're playing? I can't think of anything it conflicts with which is the main problem.
  4. Hey there, I'm still having the same issue with my character not animating in a scene half the time, no matter the save I'm playing. I've tried the following: - Installed latest version of Papyrus Util, since SL includes a really old version of it for whatever reason. - Reinstalled Sexlab Framework 1.63 Beta 8 entirely, still no change. - Re-ran FNIS and the only warning that came out is that Sanguine's Debauchery is using outdated dlls or something. - Reinstalled Sexlab Animation Loader and it registers all of the animations I have. - Sexlab also registers all of the
  5. So has anybody else had issues with their character sometimes being animated in a scene and not in others? The console keeps saying that my character is already being animated when they're not even in a animation, and occasionally it'll say the same thing about the other actor (NPC or creature) instead.
  6. So my issues with SL are still ongoing. At first I thought it was just creature animations that could be the problem, but last night my character was animated in the animation while the troll was completely still. And I also tested it out with a human NPC, and both the NPC and my PC were just standing there while sounds were playing. So... I'm not sure what to do here. Should I just reinstall Sexlab completely? I've also noticed that Sexlab Framework is overwriting Papyrus Util, maybe that could be the issue?
  7. I was just wondering, does Sexbound have a discord server or something?
  8. Okay, I haven't used that spell at all, so I don't think thats the cause.
  9. Tried that, and still having the same issue with my character. I did notice that sexlab wasn't sure if FNIS sex idles were installed, it had a blue question mark next to it. Could that be the reason?
  10. Unfortunately I've tried removing her from the animating faction, but no luck, still comes up with the message that she appears to already be animated.
  11. Hey there, I posted about this a month ago or so in the technical support forum, but this time around I'm posting some relevant information from the papyrus debug log to help resolve this. Basically for some reason, my character is not a valid target for animation during a scene. I'm not certain why, because she's a vanilla race, which leads me to think something else might be interfering with how SL is working. This is listed in the console during a animation involving my character. Basically, SL doesn't seem to recognize that my character is in the animation, or is already being
  12. Hmm, well can the Smoglin's animation be implemented at the least? That way then, the main part of the animation is in the game, and maybe later on there could be a way to put in the new position for the player character/NPC. I still have to research how to even put animations in though.
  13. Lol, I know, I'm trying to improve the look of the human haha I was just thinking though, doesn't Sexbound implement animations in the form of entities being paired as actors? My main idea here was that the Smoglin's animation would be separated to be Actor 1 (the dominant position, from what I remember in the documentation), and the player character is Actor 2 (the submissive position). The reason I have them together in the same gif is just to give an idea of what the final in-game animation would end up looking like. Honestly I am fine with putting in race support for the oth
  14. So I sort of got carried away for the past 2 days and made this demo animation for the player being defeated by a Smoglin. Note, this is not the final animation at all, it's still very rough. I still want to put some more loops n the middle, but this is the gist of the animation.
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