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Seamless Neckseams for Head06?


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  junkacc's Seamless Neckseams for Head06 is currently hidden from Oblivion Nexus, and I'm seeking for that.  Does anyone knows why(maybe only the author knows?)?  And can anyone tell me if there's alternative download link?

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Seamless neckseams for Head06? What is that for? I've been using Heads06 for ages, with absolutely no neckseams.

I use Robert's bodies together with the matching Robert's head06 variations .


There's a discuss thread about neckseam issue somewhere here.  I just happened to find it while searching for seamless neckseams for head06 via google.


Found it: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21500-neck-seam/

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Aw, that's interesting. Did you know that mentioned Amne's Beautiful Character mod is based on our old face bases, by the way?

However, that was a really old work, and we've created the newer and better basic faces for Robert's bodies, that blend in just perfectly. Can be taken here: http://www.maxheartflan.com/2012/07/flans-base-textures-version-latest.html

or, there's a mirroir on nexusmods: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41604/?

Even happened to become the file of the month, that was rather surprising and nice.

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Sorry for my long absence. There was a big problem with the mouth and eyelashes that I got burnt out on with head06 + the fact that summer was coming along + had a big accident and badly injured my finger joints (did u know it takes months for ligaments to heal?) + fucking korean government had LL blocked for a few months because some stupid women's group got all sensitive with panties in bunch.


Anyway, after a few months my fingers are finally "useable" for work and play. Just as well since now nuska's beautiful work is available as modder's resources, I took the past few weeks getting the beast and orcs seamless.








I'm not much of an artist, I can modify others' work and fix their mistakes but can't make something from scratch. Would really appreciate someone making a female HGEC version based on the above body texture. I'll take care of the neckseam if someone would be so kind.


Orcs: (not done yet)



And head06 looking as good as ever, now with fixed mouth and lashes!



Don't mind the temporary blight of baldness in Cyrodiil.


The Dremora are based on your textures MaxFlan. Kinda looks like one of your creations doesn't it? Hey can I use the other hairs you released on nexus after I emailed you regarding obtaining permission for the original hairs?

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First I am Max, Flan is another person who doesn't visit this site and thus he won't reply.

Second, I'm just happy to see someone goes like one of my creations style, ppl normally avoid that.

Third, please contact me before releasing anything from my blog. I'm not frequent here, so use mail or my blog. I do not remember you emailing me before.

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