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are you serious


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New users have to have a certain amount of posts before posting links and other such things.



BTW: I really respect your point of view on the other thread and you write well. I believe everyone in that thread are saying different fragments of the truth but not seeing the whole gem except one other person. Rather not get into it but yeah....Hope you get your posts up and welcome to LL!

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Haha My views wouldn't be accepted in the real world either.


Rather not go into it unless your really interested then we can private message each other and can talk about it.


Its some of my most personal thoughts and i'd rather not have every single person on this forum read them lol




All in all you seem not trollish to me, and I've seen some real trolls. (Skyrim joke xD)

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I'm not going to say you're a troll, but I've got to respectfully disagree.  If everyone could come in post a little spam and then post links, then it would be a mess.  Ashal isn't Dark0ne, but some safeguards are needed.  The good news is you can post your annoyance here, at least.  Try that on the Nexus. 

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