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Okay, let me start off by saying that 3ds is not my native software and my experience in it is very limited, and although this may not be for an adult mod in nature I know more animators visit this forum than the non-adult one. To go from there I'm building animations for some creatures and a new weapon sub-type for a project. My problem is some of my animations that I produce, most of them actually, when put into the game and played on the skeleton they where built with, limbs end up folding in on themselves. The teams head coder says that the frames need to be keyed linearly in order for hkxcmd to like them. When I made them I recall using euler rotation to build them, but when he looked at them he said they're quaternion, I think it's been a while.

Our project head really doesn't want me letting files loose, though if anyone could take the time to review these animations it would be a big help. We do have a hkx skeleton to convert the animations with. One of our members managed to reverse engineer the skeletons, so we can feasibly build any creature we want, if anyone was curious. Any help would be much appreciated.


These max files where built in 3ds 2012


EDIT:removed file attached to post

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