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[Sims 4] Breast Augmentation Mod


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Here it is what everyone has been waiting for...BOOBS! Enjoy!


I have been working on expanding the range for all of the virtual sliders in the game and I have been quite successful in expanding the range of a lot of them but not all sadly. The game handles some differently than others, also some sliders are not named correctly in the game files so it has required a lot of trial and error. More mods to follow!


I spent some time trying to figure out a way to add new sliders without any success. At this time I can only edit/replace the current sliders so instead of replacing sliders for adjusting breast height, width, projection, and separation. I've decided to just make 9 different mods for different breast shapes from extreme to outrageous. All the mods allow for flat chested to extremely large breasts.


Install Instructions

Choose your preferred Augmentation Unzip and place the .package in /Mods folder as usual Use only ONE!














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Bigger BREAST!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Have been waiting for this too.





Which is the one match with the EA slider? Just the bigger version of EA slider?

 333 is basically 3x the EA range but the breast separation is increased by .05 to account for breasts clipping into each other too much.


The numbers for the various breast shapes are actually related to the dimensions of the breasts (Height, Profile (Projection), Width) 

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I understand now.



If I'm not wrong, you also made the glasses slider in MTS too, right?


Basically you made a new slider.


Can you also made the man crotch slider too? To make the bulge on the pant.


The glasses slider actually replaces the brow bridge down virtual slider. I currently cannot add new sliders only edit/replace them. Also at this time I've not found a way to edit most body parts except the breasts. I definitely have not given up though.



Great work and thanks! Do we still need to have the no fat/no muscle mod installed to save the body-type after leaving CAS?


Only with the expanded physique range is it required. 

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This is fairly good. Thank you.


But, FYI...even if I set the female breast on the smallest edit, which is 332, to the most near to largest EA standard slider range...then a pregnancy initiates, this mod makes things even more hilarious.


Effectively the 2x slider range appears to be being applied to each breast size increase associated with a trimester, if you size the breasts well beyond EA defaults, the breasts literally become a moving hazard, size wise. Effectively to keep the breasts at somewhat believable during pregnancy, you have to constantly CAS edit them down to "large" then after pregnancy you end up literally morphing down to an A cup.


This isn't really you're fault of course nor the fault of this mod, its just how the EA morphing system is affecting the 2x/3x range. I have not tested on all slider ranges so I cannot confirm if its the same for all but I'd assume that it is.

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is there a way to limit this to Young Adults and above only and not teens, seeing my teen sim with knockers that are bigger than her whole body is just plain weird XP


Seeing teens that look almost exactly like adults is weird to me in the first place.  I suppose if one could have separate settings for teens from the older ages it could be good.  But there might me a problem with the kids not growing biggun's once they age up from teen . . . depends on how Maxis handled the genetics.

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So I downloaded from the MTS link rather recently and I encountered a... problem to say the least. Rather than just the chest, ALL of my sliders took a big can of this mod. If I don't had the weight slider near the middle I end up with a walking skeleton or a 200 gallon water balloon.


If my other computer (retired now except for sims) could still connect to wifi I would post some pics but it's really all I can say. Is there some other mod I am missing?


I deleted the package file and my sliders are still affected.

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