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  1. Does anyone know where I can find jean short shorts like the pair Ms. Selena Gomez is wearing irl specifically, the ass is somewhat out lol.
  2. ziggb124

    [Sims 4] InkySquid - N1 Nanokini

    can you make it look a bit more like cotton? instead this shiny (rubber?) material
  3. ziggb124

    [Sims 4] InkySquid - M1 Microkini

    Inky, Can you make this at a higher resolution for the microkini? looks really bad with big breasts.
  4. where did you get those areolas for your sims? send a link
  5. ziggb124

    what sims 4 mods do you want?

    areola slider. such small areolas, even Luumiasims size L is too small
  6. ziggb124

    what sims 4 mods do you want?

    Horse sized/shaped dildo for my freaky sims.
  7. ziggb124

    [SIMS4] YrSa BDSM devices

    where did you find that white lingerie?
  8. ziggb124

    Animations/Clothing that is not on loverslab

    rough sex? nope. "escort" clothing? SexySims might have something to your liking.
  9. I heard that folks were having trouble with downloading and extracting Majestic's skin so I've re-up'ed it. with a nice bonus of Luumia's DR TIT-E Medium version. if you don't like hyperlinked words then: https://mega.nz/#!pVdQALKR!SAe8442wncVxFXjnBFDEx7M-NFy2v-aqY2eqObIW1g4
  10. ziggb124

    The Sims 4 Mod Request Thread

    I wish someone could take Luumiasims' TIT-E mod and make XL areolas.. and make it a DR
  11. ziggb124

    The Sims 4 Mod Request Thread

    Can we get clit piercings for TS4 please?
  12. ziggb124

    [Sims 4] Breast Augmentation Mod

    I hope you do butt, thigh and hip slider.
  13. Does this work with CBBE body?
  14. can't wait to see your hard work flourish, Sema.