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reinstall of skyrim...


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Just messed my skyrim in one way i cant forge anything because that freeze the game, idk whats happened, and yea im using MO, but now im in reinstall whole game from zero and also MO to avoid mistake, so im in doubt now of using Dreamgirl body, UNPB or 7b, , im a die harder fan of dreamgirl, but the lack of armors and bust sizes alwalys a problem, i already made some conversions, but too troublesome doing that all time, unpb its a good one, but again lack of armors, i know i can use unp ones or even seven if i dnt mind some glitches (7b over unpb) or the bust resize (unpb using unp), the amount of armors for 7b its amazing, but the way that body bend the lover legs really lol, so like you seen its a dilema now, if people can post some ideas im glad, i dnt wanna a flame war or white knights please, all bodies have problems in some way.

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well i had the same problem ( but I had to many bikini mods installed and some mods with diverent bodytyps activated ==> load overkill in the smithing menu )

since then i only use one bodytyp, download the required premods for my armor and uncheck them with NMM for i only need the mesh and textur and not there .esp

and i use :

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade by kryptopyr

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Here is probably my all-around favorite because it looks good, has tons and tons of armors and clothing available (including quite a bit of HDT ready stuff), and it just works well in nearly all situations.




It's just base UNP that's ready to use with HDT/TBBP. So there's a LOT of support for it and so many nice textures work with it as well.


I really, really like the Demonica body, though. It's what I use the most when playing lately. It's a beautiful body and it animates extremely well. But even in those MO profiles that I am using Demonica I still have all the female NPCs using that HDT UNP body (so many clothing and armor replacers work with it).

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at end tried cbbe for couple hours, and unpb, got frustated because some poses or even moves goes horrible, tried again 7b, not bad, but the calfs area... so back to dreamgirl and baby steps conversions (till now just made 3 lol), or just use some mods over dreamgirl body and later on (one day...) ill open that nifs and do a conversion... god wish gerra6 conversion tool can do that for me and just need do fine tuning, but dnt works like that, and some pieces of armors/clothes are a pain to move and fit.

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