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(request) Schlongs of Skyrim Smurf average addon separate pack


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If you're on this site for pretty much any amount of time, you are aware of Schlongs of Skyrim.  I want my males nude (because that diabolic necromancer is not so polite as to leave underwear on his victims), but at the same time, I don't want my Skyrim to turn into a blatant porn game (and encounter even more potential problems).  Therefore, my aim was to download SoS Light (I was using Better Males but encountered several compatibility issues down the line, like with Dawnguard's Snow Elves).


However, among the other mods that I use, one of them apparently requires something called the Smurf average add-on to SoS.  However, this add-on appears to be only available for the full version, rather than the light version.  However, I am hesitant to download the full version because of the aforementioned reasons.  In other words, my ideal SoS is Light + only the Smurf average add-on, if possible.  Therefore, is it possible to get this add-on as a separate package that I can then install after installing SoS Light?

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SOS is managed and created by an individual here on LL. The files are pretty much owned by him. You should post in the SOS thread and make request or ask for help there. Individuals members here on LL generally won't repack and distribute different versions of a mod for request. It is considered bad form and generally a bad practice. It would also get the quickest response if posted in his thread. Might be a simple fix that those familiar with the files can direct you to do or the mod author might create a fix as well. This way if there are changes to the main mod it will also be supported as opposed to someone else making or editing the mod to fit this need.


On a separate note. I wasn't aware that there was an issue with SOS light and Smurf Average add on not being available. I too would like to have that as well. I am currently using SOS full and was contemplating dropping that as I never really used the extra features in favor of the light version and I do use the Smurf Average currently and would prefer to continue to do so.



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Yes, that was actually the first thing I did.  Unfortunately, whenever there is any flood of comments, individual requests like this tend to be lost in it.  Therefore, this thread is a kind of bookmark.  However, I appreciate your agreement of the necessity of this mod.  I tend to prefer more download items that allow for more customization than a short list with an everything-or-nothing approach.

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