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Bouncing Carts


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Ok...So I read the initial instructions on what to post. I have no Idea how to post half of it for information to give you. All know is this:


Generate FNIS Behavior files for Users V5.1.1

I ran Boss and it gave me no indication that anything was out of order. maybe I missed something?


If you need anything else. your going to have to give specific instructions.


There are several problems I wish to address in this thread actually:


1. After I have installed a bunch of mods the carts at the beggining original quest line start flying out of control: knocking down horses and killing small birds and the like. It was kind of funny at first Until it knocked my cart into a wall preventing me from continuing the initial cut scenes.


2. I don't know how to distinguish between what some mods might not be compatible with each other and crash Skyrim.


3. The alternate start mod works until you try to sleep to start, then it just crashes as well


what I want to do: 1. Body modifications 2. Alternate Path 3. Alternate animations 4. Alternate armor. 5. Alternate PC NPC interactions.


The problem with this post is that I'm not sure what information to post or what actual questions to ask. Id appreciate any suggestions and help.

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At a minimum with a post like this, you want to post your load order so we can see what mods you have installed. And if anything you're running is conflicting.


The problem you describe is a well documented issue with the opening sequence. It's why so many of us use alternate start mods like Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9557/?


If you're running the above mod and crash when you try to use the bed, make sure that AS-LAL is at the very bottom of your load order. I suggest that you download and use LOOT (http://loot.github.io/) to optimise your load order. It's the replacement for BOSS, which is no longer being updated and hasn't been updated in quite some time. Run it every time you install a mod/batch of mods.


Many mods have a compatibility section on the description page that lists mods known to conflict with the one being described. Some conflicts can be dealt with simply by adjusting load order. Other conflicts can only be resolved by making a choice... you can run either Mod A or Mod B. Sometimes trial and error is how we determine whether mods will play well with each other. For this reason I typically don't install more than one or two mods on a load that I know works. That way it's not a big issue trying to figure out what mod caused trouble with my game.


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Schlongs of Skyrim, and no Carts fixed for SoS


No Carts fixed for SOS? Do you mean the TouringCarriages SOS and Many Other Mods Patch(http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46703/?)? I'm a huge fan of SOS. But no so much of Touring Carriages. I've never used that patch as a result. So I just extracted the prisoner cart mesh from the Skyrim - meshes.bsa and used NifSkope to make the changes to the prisoner cart mesh that the above patch uses and bingo... no problem. Or is there a better fix for this?

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It's a bug with any mod that does something to an npc in the starting sequence.


SoS, Immersive Armors/Weapons, etc. Anything that would cause a change to any of the npcs in the opening sequence will cause the cart to flip out.


My advice if you don't want to use Alternate Start? Get Quick Start. Completely vanilla save game right at the character creation. Skips the whole cart sequence and gets you right to making your character. This way if you have any mods that affect npcs and such during the opening sequence, it won't keep bugging out your cart.

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