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Racial traits?


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Ahh I should have been more specific.


Yes the perk/trait will only apply to the player. The idea is, roughly, a race built around a physical sexual attribute and am automatic racial trait to create an in game bonus & consequence of that attribute. I have a firm handle on making custom perks, traits and abilities that are not script dependent. Once you start talking scripts.. my eyes glaze, I break out into hives and dry heave. I took a year of Java during my undergrad work and it taught me well enough to stay away from it LOL.


Still though... I understand your snip. I'll try to play with it again a little. Any other feedback is always appreciated.

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If the player can choose the perk when level up, you use GetIsRace as Perk condition.

But if, how I think, your race must already have that perk when you choose to play with it, Odessa's solution is the only one for what I'm aware. I too initialize my race's special features via script, race options are very limited unfortunately

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