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Screenshot counter location & other numbers

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Just out of idle curiosity, where is the screenshot counter located? Some INI file, I'd wager, or something, but where?

I mean, I've got no screenshots in my directory (deleted them all) and I just took a new one, and it was numbered 33. Why not 1? Where does Skyrim keep that information?


And for that matter, how does Skyrim keep track of saved game number? If I make 20 saves with a single character, and delete #2 through #20, the next saved game will be #21, even though the previous was #1. But if I delete them all, the counter resets... so it's not being saved in the game data file itself, it's somewhere else. Where?

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I'm also dissatisfied with Skyim's counter. For instance, when I overwrite save 10 it changes to 11. Why doing this since it adds a new number to a new save. Why it doesn't keep overwritten save at the same number?! Is there a way to change it?


Interestingly enough too is that I can renumber saves via Wryebash program, but stubborn Skyrim keeps it's own counting. Wrye keeps records only if I start the game by it. But when using SKSE icon, Skyrim continue with its own counter. Silly.

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