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Skyrim bestiality animations help wanted!


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Okay, so i have the beastiality animations pack the horn wolves of skyrim and all the sexlab stuff.

I have no idea what i need to actually get the beastiality animation pack to run.

What mod do i need to have these animations run.


Also i do have the latest skse

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Bestiality Animations Pack is obsolete and may even cause problems with the latest SexLab. All the animations are now included in SexLab.


Horny Wolves will give the creatures permanent erections. Use More Nasty Critters instead, this adds Nude Creatures which will equip animals with an aroused model only when required.


Make sure you have FNIS Creature Pack installed (optional files on the FNIS nexus page) and run Generate FNIS For Users after installing MNC.


If your are installing these to use in an existing save you may need to reset the animation registry through the SexLab MCM in order to get the MNC-added animations to show up.


Use MatchMaker to test if the animations are working.

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