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To all the Blender virtuosos: How do you make tight clothing?


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So I'm trying to make a kind of tight "chainmail" bodysuit as a part of a heavy armor in Blender 2.71 (don't worry, I know it's not downward compatible without some tricks). I've seen tutorials where people duplicated the base body mesh and scaled it up a little, but that result is unsatisfactory for me, especially with meshes like the 7B Cleavage body. I don't want my clothing to be so tight that it cuts into the cleavage, so do I actually have to start from scratch and model around the body like I did with the armor plates or is there an easier way? I tried the shrinkwrap modifier too...

Greetings, Toastbre4d

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My advice would be to just replace body texture with chainmail texture. Doesn't get much tighter than that, but if you don't want the armor to follow cleavage... Well I don't really use Blender but in Outfit Studio I would just load a body as outfit, replace texture and inflate the chest area to the desired armor shape, in this case fill the cleavage. Then with ZAP sliders make holes where you want to show skin. Copy the reference body and ZAP out the parts that don't show through the holes. Then afterwards add other armor parts in Blender/Nifskope


But I'm not exactly a mesh expert so...

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Duplicate the relevant part of the body, alt-s to make it a little bigger. Get rid of the triangles to get something passable to work with. Then you can use the sculpting tools to shape the cleavage area how you want.


When you're done, retopo.

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