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Resident Evil REmake 2015

Darkening Demise

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Resident Evil REmake that came out and sold poorly due to a shit exclusive on a Pretendo console is being slightly altered and brought to PS3, PS4, 360, XBOne, and Windows in early 2015. RElive the TRUE survival horror and TRUE Resident Evil experience from back before the series went to complete SHIT of COD action packed garbage in 2004 and stayed that way till now. Hopefully Capcom is getting their shit together and will bring us RE2 REmake and RE3 REmake along with a REal Resident Evil in the seventh installment in the main series down the line.

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Honesty, I'm tired of these "remasters" and "remakes". You know what? resi 2 and resi 3 were sheer perfection as they were both then and now, and even though 99.99% of fans would throw a brick in my face for saying this... so was resi 6. I say they stop going back in the past and keep going forward no matter how many people shout betrayal all over the place, because I swear to god if I see another Racoon City game, I'm dropping this series faster than Final Fantasy 13. That's pretty fucking fast.


ps: resi live action movies = worse than Twilight

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Capcom is going broke. Dead Rising 3, RE4 HD PC, and now REmake for other platforms with better resolution and more will help them get their stuff together and create a new product. This is also a test to see if people want COD action packed garbage RE4,5,6,REV, and ORC or old school RE fixed camera angles and survival horror back. I don't care if they stay out of Raccoon City but they cannot keep at the COD crap. Look what happened with RE after 3 came out; it went downhill and so did Silent Hill after their 4th game (But then again Americans make SH now). RE6 showed that we don't want COD, we want survival horror; what Shinji Mikami brought us. The tension, the limited supplies, the limited controls, the limited view. Giving us assault rifles in a third person shooter and throwing in zombies IS NOT survival horror. The only horror is how shitty that is.

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Old school fixed-camera gaming simply got ran over by the times, as I know very few of their kind making a name for themselves these days. Well, except for Catlevania Lords of Shadow, but that's a hack n' slash. Today "serious" shooters are either made over-the-shoulder or FPS because it's in high demand, and to ensure that crowd keeps spending money they had to sacrifice survival horror and throw a bunch of ammo their way.  As such I doubt Capcom would benefit much from reverting back unless they plan to go out in a blaze of glory.

I'd like to see another old school resi, but honestly at this point I'd be happy if they just made another game with Leon in it, so...yeah.

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Interesting. I never plyed any of the Residents (never owned a console), and the only good thing about the movies is that Milla Jovovich is pretty hot...


 A remake of that game might actually appeal to me ... though I'll admit its more a candidate for a steam-sale, and surely not for full price...but still, I'd play it.

And I would love more graphical updates like that for some games ... Master of Orion 2 comes to my mind ... just polish it, rest can stay the same!

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Shooters are in the same demand as any other style or genre. It's just bullshit excuses they're using to not go back. The demand for old school RE is in HIGH demand. Capcom saw this in the reception of their products after 4. Especially since Shinji isn't there to produce, direct, or advise. If Capcom goes bankrupt he should buy Biohazard and bring it back to what it once was. At least he knew what he was doing more compared to the dumb****s who took over after he left. RE4 wasn't that bad compared to the later titles but it was a babysitting mission. Only major problem with it; and the ton of action and supplies and third person over shoulder view that 'revolutionized' modern shooters as people say.

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