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Need a clear simple skyrim Blender 2.49 tutorial


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Hellu :3 sorry this probably has been asked.. but gosh im fed up of searching and reading


Sooo since i last played ,skyrim has those HDT and i really love it so i might just go back on skyrim =o

But skyrim... is lacking unlore friendly mods...its totally insane...

oblivion is like 50% unlore friendly anime mods and skyrim has less then 2% cute armors..

armors are simply disgusting on skyrim i think there is maybe less then 10 out of 1000 i like...people so butthurt lore friendly on skyrim..


Sooooo i want to start converting all my armor mods to Skyrim

but has always... the tutorials i fall on are toooootally confusing by over explaining stuff i just don't want to know that just fills my brain with uselessness and just doesnt help me at all.. insane how i could spend 10 month reading tutorials when a 10 minute video could make me understand everything

and of course has alwayyys...no one took 10 mins to do a video tutorial on the whole planet..only 3ds 


i know the basics.. i done 2 projects with 40+ armors and 14 bodies..and some convertions so i really only need help on how to properly export


so my first armor i tried either made game crash or only the skyrim body would show up and no armor parts

i know that i need to change that 11 to 12  and 34 to 83  and delete  everything in nitrishape except nitrishapedata

then i import it in blender and i *Set smooth* the mesh

i lattice convert it to celestial body which i want to convert all my armors to

then reweight it using auto weight


But then what?

Do i really need to do that rigging thing?  i normally always import the mesh i wanna modify first clear weight clear parent delete armature.

and then import the mesh i will use has weight copy with a full armature on second layer

doing that does not cause a scene root.00 and been working good for me

if not which skeleton would i need to use ? 

and i need to have all meshes selected before importing the skeleton right?


Then what?

Do i need to add Uv and Textures to it?

Or do i simply repaste the bslightshaderproperty from another mesh after?

and other then reapplying 12-83 is there anything else that needs to be done?

only thing left in my nitrishape is nitrishapedata - bsdismemberskininstance - bslightingshaderproperty maybe sometimes niaplha right?


ive been spending 10 hours reading those way too long and confusing tutorials and i didn't learn 1 thing...


The celestial  normal nude body does not have butt bounce on it, probably a tiny mistake since everything else has it

so i want to fix it myself to not have to bother the author ... so i simply copied weight from another body

and parented to that armature which again i think i cannot do for skyrim?

anyway i couldnt even add bounce to a skyrim body.. thats how pathetically sad i am being right now


so could anyone be a hero and simplify a quick explanation of how to export properly

or do anyone know of a video for it?

don't give me links to 10 000 words tutorials they won't help me at all and i probably already read them


i really just want to know

if i can use an armature like new vegas or if i really am stuck rigging a skeleton directly

do i need to re add texture before exporting it or do i do it in nifskope after?

is there anything else i need to do in nifskope after export other then changing the numbers back and repasting the bsshader?

and i saw 3 different pictures for export setting if anyone could show me the proper one to use =o


Halp me!! Skyrim is calling for Kawaii its Dying for Kawaii !! it is crying for kawaiiiiii armors.. i will Bring my kawaii army if i can understand this !!

The Body i want to use, Use's the same Size _0 and _1 so i wouldn't have to do 2 sizes if that matters


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I'm not to familiar with this but i did try to convert an armor myself once, a long time ago.


But there is Outfit studio now.


You have to prepare the Oblivion outfit for Skyrim in Nifskope. I remeber that being a quite straightforward tutorial on some wiki page.


Once you done that you can use outfit studio to fit it to the desired body!?

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*lol* I hear you, the whole procedure seems harder than in FONV, so many switches and flags to set :)


Anyway you know what, I've heard that while Blender is pretty nice for FONV, 3ds is better for Skyrim. There should be some free version for students, I think. I never gave a look nor interested too much, too busy right now, but I will surely take a look in the future, I guess that's necessary when FO4 will come out.

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i already have 3ds :3

i done a small piping engineering job a few months ago for one of my mothers friend

and so part of the deal was he pays for autocad and id pay for 3ds O_o noway i was gona pay 6000$ for autocad

but i never used 3ds since it couldnt import fallout meshes and in the end i was able to do the entire job using autocad alone

so aaaa i learned blender before =x O_o 3ds is alotttt different..but sigh every video is see about it people dont even have to do all this bullcrap..they import export end of story

but id have to now relearn a new program and try to find the proper scripts


i am - this close to breaking a nervous breakdown..i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally cannot stand this anymore....

8 month i been reading and reading and FKIN reading...horrible bad tutorials... putting more text doesn't make a tutorial helpfull..

just makes me wanna murder every babies in a 2 miles radius

just to learn Nv took me 3 months because i had to read... then the one day i found a video that explained what i needed...

it took me 6 hours to understand...


now i basically seem to not have UV so i get this 2D looking image crap with no shader and no nipples...

i always used a vanilla or someone elses mesh has a starting modeling piece to never have to do texture and uv map so heh i have no clue how

Whyyyy cant people freakin recoooord. its faster then typing a 8 page long facesmashing tutorial

its clear...it works..gets alot of youtube views..


anyyyway 18 hours of reading and i havent learned anything ima go sleep instead of ruining en entire day by staying up to learn nothing =x guess ill have a look at some 3ds vids later

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arf.....am i reaaaallly suposed to be redoing the Uv map on everything every single freaking time? .. i dunno crap about uv map... my nipples are on my shoulders =x

Anyone got a skyrim uv map Tga for cbbe bodies?


this is impossible.... for fk sake my Navel Piercing mod alone.. will have 112 meshes... and thats vagina piercing alone not counting face-nose-lips ones... i have easily 5000+ armor meshes to convert hmm well lets say 1000 since id only convert to celestial Body...there has to be a better way... skyrim is the most modded game out there... yet  its the one with the less tutorials and not a single script for it



i guess if i *save* a body instead of importing it i could use it again and again?

can't i simply import the NV mesh and copy the uv map on new mesh someway?


for the love of god someone record himself doing an armor or a body and post it on youtube..dont even have to speak... just next time u do a body or an armor record it Argggg


i am still reading tutorials...and reinstall 3ds 2014 which im pretty sure didnt work... think i neded 2013 and aaaaa...


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hehe ya well i will start by converting my fav armors to master skyrim weight ,

its so different then fallout, the second breast weight is totally weird O_o and i want it to be perfect because of the HDT physics

soo love the physic i fell on now and those dances !!!


and of course got to relearn armature names

and relearn how to convert with 3ds instead of blender, hope the lattice is has easy =x

i would most likely maybe alternate the meshes a little bit too 

and then once and for all i need to learn how to collision weapons =x im guessing a sword is alot easyer to do then a gun

and i have yet to open creation tool lol don't know how different it is over geck


aaaaa 3ds 2011 can import skyrim meshes !! xD fk blender lolol

but woah 3ds just looks so confusing.. but atleast i don't have to play with uv map my brain is safe for a little longer


Can 3ds do the bone weight copy script also? i cannot seem to find info on that

the simple fact i dont have to do the stupid nifskope delete stuff is allllll worth it  but if i have to do the weight manually gona be a pain in the arshe


i found a convert tutorial so no prob there i hope =o



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3ds is actually very easy to learn O_o  just the new skyrim weight thats giving me problems looks horrible lol and also manual paint tool is a bit weird i still don't understand how to select vertices weight hmm but ya, i might keep on using blender for NV since i prefer using lattices and blender is alot cleaner and simpler


thanks for answers but i am without a doubt gona be using 3ds for skyrim !

my devil armor is already converted now i just need to learn creation kit shouldnt be so different =x

just need to find myself a new spot to invade with armor boxes or maybe i should import my entire schoolhouse lol

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