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Face to match body? Any preferred combos?

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Hi all. o/ Trying New Vegas again, and I was wondering what you all use for body type and face textures together. Was thinking about using this ...




Because I like the armors with it. I like a bit of showy sexiness. But not to the point where it is a bit too over the top.

(Though with the creator of that mod not really understanding english and the lack of the source mod link it may be hard. Would it just be Type3 from FO3?)


What sort of face textures would be good with this?  Just wondering if anyone has time to offer input on that mostly.  Buying FO3 and NV yeeears after release means I am sort of newer with all the mods it has, and the amount is daunting.  ;-;


Thanks for anything. \o/

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Guest endgameaddiction

My personally favorite http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34702/?


I would suggest between Type3, T3M or T6M as they are compatible body replacers with most of the armor that is out there. If you use T6M you can use any type3 body texture vice versa.


The good news is most things are pretty straight forward on compatible. It's super easy to port weapons and armors back and forth with minimal work.

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@Siren's Wrath

If you look at the FO3 side of Nexus you'll find plenty of options for Type3 and all of the 'T' spinoffs.


As for BOG/BlackBlossom, that mod is nothing but a memory hog and Nexus hype.  She copy/pasted from one existing 2048X2048 skin texture (Exnem's) to Luchaire's 2048X2048 Type3.  Her texturing skills are modest indeed, since she didn't paint either texture and all she did was resize it to make it look like she actually did something.  Her work is in no way hi-res or high detail.  She didn't make any of the meshes and she didn't write the install instructions on her upload page.  I wrote it and she copy/pasted and pretended...just like she always does.  Oh, and she's a proven mod thief, in case you didn't know.


Anything Type6 is going to have weighting issues held over from Backsteppo's Cali narrowed shoulder version of Type3 (what type6 is based on).  If you use T6 the one Mak made (T6M) is the best, since he fixed some of the weights.


If you care to look, I have Type3 content uploaded here at Lover's Lab.  Meshes, textures, outfits, etc.  At one time I was a one-man modding show at Nexus (when they banned me they deleted 36 pages worth of Type3 mods :P ).  If there's anything Type3, I know it because it's all I mod for and I was one of the original play testers.  If you want a full package that is easy to use there is Mojave Delight on Nexus New Vegas.


If you run into any problems installing or finding mods feel free to PM me here. :)

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